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A Creative Writing: Kevin and the Car Accident

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The headlights were coming straight towards Kevin, but his muscles turned to stone and he could not move. The next thing he saw was complete darkness. He woke up to a pounding headache and fuzzy vision. When his vision cleared he focused on each of the four people standing around his hospital bed. He assumed the man to his right was the doctor, because he had light blue scrubs on, a mask over his mouth, and he smelled strongly of antiseptic. The man, woman, and little girl to his left were familiar faces but he could not remember who they were. He turned to the doctor to ask, “Who are these people?" His dismayed mother ran from the room sobbing and he husband followed her out.

"It's going to be all right. He's going to be ok," He said in a soothing tone.

"No! No it's not going to be ok! He doesn't remember us Michel! He doesn't remember! Are you ok with our son not remembering us?” she said pushing him away.

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Back in Kevin's room his little sister, Alicia, sat at the foot of his bed asking questions.

"Kevin, why are you in the hospital?" She asked.

"I don't know. How do you know me?" He questioned.

"I'm your sister, Alicia." She was now very confused about why her big brother didn't know who she was. She backed out of the room slowly to go ask their mom what was wrong.

Kevin's parents took turns sitting in his room. Sleeping is all Kevin does most of the time because of the pain medicine the doctor was giving him. But when he was awake he was always asking questions about what happened and why he didn't remember anything. The doctor told his parents not to tell him a lot about what happened because he wanted him to remember on his own.

One day Kevin's father was sitting in his room. He heard Kevin start to talk in his sleep. Kevin was dreaming about the accident. He saw himself getting ready for school that horrible day. He got on his bike to go to school, but it was still dark. As he neared the school he had to cross the road. He had forgotten to look both ways so he stopped in the middle of the road to make sure there were no cars coming. He looked to his left and then to his right and left again. That's when he saw them, two large LED headlights of a black sports car. His muscles tensed and his brain started to analyze the situation. He told himself he had to run, to get out of the middle of the street, but his body would not move. He was turned to a stone statue by the LED beams. Time slowed down as the car grill hit his side and his head went crashing into the hood of the car. His body slumped lifelessly to the ground. Then he woke up screaming with tears running down his face. His dad rushed to his side to calm him down and ask him what he saw. "I was hit by a car in my dream! It was so real, though. Is that what happened? Is that why I'm here?" Kevin asked in a cold sweat.

"Yes that is what happened" his dad replied.

After Kevin was calmed down his dad found the doctor and told him about Kevin. The doctor said, "This shows that Kevin still has all of his memories but he can't access them easily. There is an operation we can do to make it easy for him to remember. It is very costly though." "How much would it be, Doctor?" Michel asked. thought.

"Around 700,000 thousand dollars" The doctor said.

"Where could we get that kind of money?" Michel sighed and walked away in deep

That night at home they received a phone call from a man named Shane. When Kevin's dad picked up the phone Shane said, “Hi, my name is Shane Rodriguez. I was calling about your son. I believe I accidentally hit him with my car a few days ago and I've been informed that your family is in need of financial aid for the surgery Kevin needs to regain his memory. I am willing to pay the full price for his operation and hospital bill. Will you let me help you, please sir?" Kevin's dad was speechless. He was barely able to reply, "Yes sir, thank you.”

"It's a pleasure to be able to help you family, Mr...?"

"Williams," Michel replied.

"Thank you Mr. Williams," Shane said before he hung up the phone

At the hospital the next day Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Shane, and the doctor met to discuss the payment and date of the surgery. It was decided that it would take place that Friday morning. When Friday came Kevin was taken to the operating room while his family waited in the cafeteria.

After waiting several hours Kevin was out of surgery. After the medication used to make him fall asleep wore off his mom was the first to go into Kevin's room. When she walked in the door she gave him a nervous smile and walked slowly to his side.

"Mom?" He asked.

She burst into tears and flung her arms around him thanking God and whispering, "You remember, you remember."

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