Finding Home and Unity at Bethlehem University

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Fate simply got me here.. As thrilled as I was at the prospect of finally becoming a university student I was equally depressed for not knowing anybody, I was at a crossroads simply caught in the struggle of finding myself, flung who am I and who I want to be. It was a tough experience I won't Ill yet It was worth It and It still isle Every day Is a new adventure, a day simply never ends without learning something new, meeting a new friend, and coming a better version of myself.

You know as a teenager all you are Is a reckless human being that's looking for themselves in this life and well, as for myself, I thought that finding myself would be by traveling to some other country and wandering freely. But I never thought that a university can show you what home truly means. Palestine, peace are all encompassed in my definition of "home" _ Describing the friends that I have made here are beyond words. Why did I relate this to home? Simply, because some friends are family and mine are truly that.

Palestine is all about unity, and Bethlehem university is all about that. You see a Christian setting with a Muslim, studying, talking, laughing, making a lifetimes worth of friendships, and simply living In an atmosphere of both Christian and Muslim students without the judgment or racism because we are one and Palestine is unity and peace. Well, unity is what gets you to peace. What is peace if you have the slightest bits of hatred in your heart? I am a Muslim, but I honestly don't think this matters if you look at it from the concept of humanity.

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Whether you're Christian, Muslim, Jew or whatever is it that you believe in, it doesn't matter as long as you're a good one, a one with the resemblance of humanity. I'm from Hebrew and yes It takes time to get to university everyday and to get past all the flying checkpoints that you never know when they'll surprise you with, but it's worth the struggle every day. Being a Palestinian student under oppression Isn't easy at all, however I try my best as an Individual to get closer to peace and freedom. And for myself, the only way to get there is education.

With education you can do anything you want. You can conquer the world if you set your mind to it. No one can deny what you did for the know I'm Just a student, but if you look at it from another point of view, trifles are what make a change. Life has much yet to give you, you Just got to be patient. For me Bethlehem University is how life is awarding me. It's my home, the place where I feel like myself, the place that I know is my first step to making a change and have myself leaving my footprints in this world. Bethlehem University truly is a place of opportunity. Mira Aimer

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