A Desire to Pursue My Dream of Becoming a Nurse at James Madison University

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In my far, yet near future, my dream that is slowly becoming my plan, is to attend James Madison University. After attending the nursing school of JMU and receiving my bachelor of science degree in nursing, my hope is to graduate, find an internship, and be hired at a hospital as a registered nurse. All my hopes and dreams as a little girl are soon to become a reality as I start a new chapter of my life next year at James Madison University as a nursing student and soon after that, as a registered nurse.

Applying and receiving admission to college is a big key to your future. As I am still searching and researching for the university that best fits me, I realize that not every school is for every student. My oldest brother attends Virginia Tech right now as a sophomore, initially drawing me to the school because of the bond we share.

Although recently, he has pulled away from his liking in the school. Due to this, it has also made me take a step back and really analyze if this institute is the best for me. I quickly found out that Virginia Tech doesn't offer my intended major at their school. I've wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl, so finding this out instantly made my chances of attending or even applying drop significantly.

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In addition, I have never been a good test taker. This has been proved through my multiple SAT and ACT test scores, and unfortunately, because of that, I most likely would not be granted admission into Virginia Tech because of how strict the admitters are on numbers. On the other hand, my dream school, James Madison University, just recently made their school what is called 'test optional.' This means they don't require SAT and ACT scores to be on the application. Another positive point is, not only is nursing offered, but they have one of the top nursing schools in the country.

On top of it all, I've grown up going to JMU football games, decked out in purple, white, and gold with my favorite alumni, my mom. James Madison University is described in the article James Madison University as, "A large, 4-year, public university. This coed college is located in a large town in a rural setting and is primarily a residential campus" ("James Madison University"). Each of these details are additions to the list of reasons why I am attracted to JMU as my future home. In conclusion, the application process as a senior in high school makes students like myself quickly realize where we belong and what situation is best for our futures.

When and if I am accepted into James Madison, my biggest focus aside from nursing is making new friends, playing the sport I love and my education. Personally, I didn't have the best luck with making tons of true friends in high school, but that has motivated me to turn that around and make up for it in college. Also, I have been playing lacrosse for nine years now. When I was just a girl with a stick back then, I didn't realize how much the sport would mean to me now.

My goal is, to try out for the JMU Women's Club lacrosse team, make the team, and play all four years of college with the goal of making new friends and continuing to practice what I grew up with. Tying into my social life, I am going to strive to make as many true friends as I can and enjoy college together to help me forget about the stress I went through with putting myself out there at Loudoun County HS.

Last, but not least, my education at James Madison or where I end up attending. Before students can apply and study in the nursing program, a certain amount of general education classes is required. These include social studies, language arts, math, etc. There are, however, a few pre-requisites on top of those that I must take to be eligible to apply to the nursing school, including chemistry and biology.

One piece of information regarding JMU Nursing school from Bachelor of Science in Nursing states that, "Students begin courses in the 4-Semester Nursing Program usually at the beginning of the junior year. The 2- year nursing program of study includes 59 credit hours of core nursing courses and 2 required credit hours of Nursing Elective Courses" ("Bachelor of Science in Nursing").

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