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A Walk To Remember Compare Amp Contrast

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Both involve a Story Of a boy and a girl, almost completely different in their views, which slowly fall in love n Barefoot, North Carolina. Throughout the movie the struggles of the characters are awfully similar to the struggles of the characters in the book, with a few changes here and there. Although the book and movie are similar, there are still differences between the two such as how the two got to know each other, how the characters are portrayed, as well as how certain events occurred and how the characters reacted to them.

The first major difference between the novel and the movie of A Walk to Remember is how different the characters are portrayed in each. For example, throughout the novel the leading girl, Jamie Sullivan, was the shy daughter of the towns Pastor. She was one of the kindest girls anyone had met, she would help anyone whether she was asked or not. She had a big part in the town's orphanage, and she had worshiped God more than anyone had seen. Jamie was an intelligent conservative girl who wore her blonde hair put in a tight bun all the time.

She wasn't known to have many friends, or even do 'normal' teenager things, and she usually spent her time at school, at the orphanage, or with her father. In comparison, in the movie, Jamie was quite similar to these qualities; she was smart, very religious, shy, kind, and conservative showed by how she had dressed. However, even though Jamie was kind and seemed to be gentle, in the movie it didn't portray how religious she actually was as well as I thought they could've. In addition, don't believe that it showed how much she actually cared for others and wished to help them.

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For example, Jamie would help younger kids and tutor and do things like that, but in the novel she also worked at an orphanage and would even elf little animals in the middle of the road, but in the movie you didn't truly see that side of Jamie as much. Now on the other hand, the main character, Logan Carter, is quite different in the movie than how he was described in the novel. F-or example, the very first scene of the movie is Logan playing a mean trick with his friends on a boy.

In this scene you can already tell that Logan is supposed to be a "bad boy' and that h?s supposed to be trouble. In the novel Logan was somewhat of a trouble maker when he was younger, which is possibly what gave the writers the idea to make him a bad boy in the movie. But in reality, Logan is just your average confused teenage boy. He likes to hang out with his friends, go on dates, and didn't enjoy school all that much. Still, in the movie it portrays him as being careless and self centered until Jamie made him realize that he was making some bad choices.

Another difference between the novel and the book of A Walk to Remember is how Jamie and Logan actually got to know each other. For example, in the novel they first become a little closer after Logan asks Jamie to the homecoming dance, only because he needed a date and she was the only one aft. But in the movie, they both get cast to do the annual town play, which does happen in the book but it wasn't their first encounter. As the story goes on Logan, as a punishment for his prank in the beginning of the movie, he must participate in the play which he ends up getting the lead role in.

He starts to care a little more about the play as the movie progresses and he practices his lines more and more, and eventually asks Jamie to help him with his lines and she agrees to help but on one condition "he has to promise not to fall in love with her". Now that line may be cute and seem not that important, but its an incredibly significant quote to the story in my opinion. This quote was used in the novel as well when London had asked Jamie to go to the homecoming dance with her, which I believe shows a little importance that the movie writers had kept such a specific quote.

In addition to that, a considerable difference from the book to the movie would, in my opinion, be the fact that in the novel they fell in love slowly and hung out at one another's house, while in the movie they fell in love faster and did more 'romantic' or public outings. Also Logan seemed to do more things to "win" her over in the book such as him visiting the orphanage with her and getting a great deal of money without her knowledge so she could get the orphans Christmas presents, while in the movie they both seemed to just fall in love with each other.

Lastly, certain events and reactions differed from the book to the movie. For instance, in the book Lagan's friends would make fun of and tease him for his attraction to Jamie and for spending time and being friends with her. But they never would have dared make fun of Jamie to her face, mainly because they let like she was on Gods "good side" or had it "in" with God. Even if they had made fun of her to her face you could tell, just from what you have read that she wouldn't have done anything about it and she wouldn't have had a comeback for them.

But on the contrary, in the movie Logan and his friends would make fun of her to her face and ridicule her. Even though she was supposed to be Godly and kind, she still remained above it all and even had some types of comebacks. For example, in one scene one Of Lagans friends had said "If there is a higher power, why is it He can't get you a new sweater? And Jamie replies, "Because He's too busy looking for your brain".

The last difference between the book and the movie is that in the book when Logan found out about Jamie illness he felt uncomfortable and didn't know what to do. But on the other hand in the movie he seemed to be devoted to her and would do anything for her and he knew exactly what to do, even if he was in denial for a little bit after he heard the news. To conclude, there are differences between the book and the movie, some may be minor some more noticeable, but overall the book and the movie are Mathew similar to each other.

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