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Points to Remember Before Starting Dog Breeding Business

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Starting a dog breeding business is an endeavor that can be exceptionally rewarded, but at the same time, one that has its own challenges. The dog breeding world has expanded greatly, and now people who love dogs and love breeding them can make a living out of their passion. The business isn’t for everyone, but if you know a lot about a particular breed and have a desire to turn your passion for canines into a full-time pursuit, becoming a dog breeder may be the right opportunity for you.

A dog breeding business can be very profitable, and that’s perhaps why we see more and more people starting it, however the biggest mistake you can make is to see dog breeding as a just a way to make money. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, knowledge, and commitment, so it’s not something to start on a whim. However, if you’re up to the challenge, a dog breeding business can be quite rewarding – financially and personally. To start, breeding is not an easy-business. There is a misconception from people that think that you just have to put a male and a female dog together.

There is more behind that, including exams, research, and the selection of the mating time. These all influence the health of the newborn puppies. Starting a dog breeding business involves investing time, money and energy on getting to know more about dogs, breeding, the breeding cycle, the proper way to choose a mate, etc. Picking the right dog breed can determine how successful your business will become. Among the most important things to consider is the popularity of the breed, the number and quality of breeders you will be competing with, the current prices in the market place, your likes and dislikes as well as your available space.

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What the Business Involves You’ll be breeding dogs — in other words, selecting a suitable set of purebred parents and raising the resulting puppies. But it’s a lot more involved than just getting Missy and Rover together and letting nature take its course; pups that result from THOSE kinds of unions too often wind up at animal shelters. To breed dogs successfully, you’ll be expected to carefully research pedigrees, genetics and have a solid understanding of breed characteristics and potential problems.

Not only that, you’ll need to provide quality food, medical care and the type of accommodations that lead to the growth of healthy, happy puppies. Knowledge or Skills Required Besides loving the particular dog breed you choose, you need expertise about the breed, attention to detail, room that can be devoted to birthing/raising pups and plenty of time. And remember, you can’t breed dogs if you’re squeamish about bodily functions of animals, soiled carpets or sleepless nights. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages:

If you love the dog breed, it can be very enjoyable to have lots of them around High profits are possible (but still not likely) IF you develop a good reputation as a breeder and you offer dog breeds for which there is a demand. This IS something you can try on a one-time basis, by breeding your beloved FiFi and seeing how it goes. The additional equipment you’ll need to breed dogs (such as a whelping box and birthing supplies) isn’t too expensive; but of course, you need the basic dog or animal equipment too (quality food, leashes, bowls, etc. ) Disadvantages: Veterinary care and genetic testing can be very expensive. (Genetic testing?

Yes, this may be required by some discerning customers, to rule out congenital and hereditary disorders. The number and kind of genetic tests done on your breed of dog depends on their genetic predisposition for types of disorders. No guarantees in this business! If you want to breed dogs, you have to be comfortable with a certain degree of risk. If the litter is small (common with small breeds of dogs), you’ve invested a great deal of time, effort and money for little return. If the litter is large, costs are correspondingly higher. This is not a business with a steady monthly income, since you don’t breed dogs every month.

Females should only be bred once a year (so you have the mother’s maintenance to consider, too. ) How will you advertise your pups for sale? While there are inexpensive options such as posting signs in vet’s offices, you may need to purchase classified advertising, build a website or travel to fully promote your dog breed. Entrepreneur’s Experience In the Dog Breeding Business Man’s best friend can also be a great source of steady income. This rings true for entrepreneur Josephine Molde, who has built a lucrative dog breeding business out of his own backyard.

It was in 2000 when she bought a 10-month-old female Dalmatian for P12,000 from a friend. Months later, the dog gave indications that it was ready to mate, and they then paid P2,500 to a stud breeder, an exercise which bore 11 puppies. She then earned a cool P35,000 when she was able to sell them for P3,000 to P3,500 each to friends and through ads. “We were satisfied with the results so we thought of getting more dogs and expand the business,” Molde said. A Lucrative Business Molde then bought a two-month-old Golden Retriever for P17,000 and while it was growing, the Dalmatian gave birth to 10 more puppies and they pocketed another P30,000.

They eventually acquired more breeds and after three years, the business peaked with 40 dogs in 12 varieties. Josephine and her husband Godie also went into the stud business, which turned out to be more profitable and reliable. Godie also learned the art of “shooting” or helping the dogs mate, which earns for him P300 per session. During that period, the dogs brought in almost P200,000 per month to pad the family’s coffers the majority of which came from the stud part of their business. So we were using the earnings from the stud business for our expenses and maintenance, and the proceeds from the puppies go to our savings,” she said. Abhay, The motive which you have stated about Profit, to be honest not many attain that status. This is mainly hobby and not business. And if any kennel is making profit it must have inner will and strength to sustain themself with quality for min 5-10 years. Once their quality, everything is proven then only i assume they would have made some profit. Like Mr Vidya from Meerut, his knowledge is great but he never thought of making profit from day 1.

He learnt n learnt and i am sure he knows the max tips of breeding and handling as he is completely devoted into this. So first minimise the number of breeds you wish , study a bit on it, try contacting couple of breeders of those breeds and seek help, The point you mentioned that many people were discouraging was due to the fact that you might be talking about profit from breeding. and they would have told the experience that profit is NEVER possible in start... YOu need min 5 years to study a breed (when it reaches complete adulthood). 10

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