World Wide Fund for Nature

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2021
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There are well over five thousand endangered species on Earth and humans are the cause of it. Many animals are suffering and several hundred are already extinct. Many of the most beautiful creatures are now evanescent. People are also causing the destruction of the environment, which is home to millions of animals worldwide. Through poaching and obliteration of nature, humans have managed to diminish the very place they call home. There are charities such as the World Wide Fund for Nature with the motive to halt and reverse the annihilation of the environment.

The international organization World Wide Fund for Nature works on issues regarding conservation, research, and restoration of the environment. The WWF was formed on April 26, 1961, when a small group of passionate individuals had the idea of building a future where humans live in harmony with nature. Their mission was to preserve the planet’s resources, reduce pollution, and conserve the world’s life diversity. The WWF’s original name was World Wildlife Fund and was later changed to World Wide Fund for Nature.

The panda has become the logo for WWF because it was an endangered species and served as a strong recognizable symbol that was adored by many people in the world for its appealing characteristics. Originally, their aim was to protect the wildlife species and habitat. Today, organization has grown to repopulating several different species worldwide and seeks to didactically educate people on how to have a more ecologically friendly lifestyle.

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The World Wide Fund for Nature is the world’s leading environmental conservation organization with a global reach of one hundred different countries. They help protect endangered animals and their habitats. The WWF does this by collaborating with businesses, governments, local communities, and other organizations to secure funds and ensure the safety of wildlife. They focus on the underlying causes of environmental deterioration.

The entire planet depends on organizations such as this, and without it, the nature living on it would continue to be whittled down by apathetic people until it is too late. Humans will soon become their own nemesis, unless they show some solicitude, and be a partisan in restoring the planet. The WWF, with over one million members in the United States and nearly five million worldwide, is one of the most impactful charitable organizations in history. The WWF gives hope to the future of the environment and fixes the problems that previous generations have caused.

Because of this organization, the earth’s environment’s status has drastically improved. They are bringing back the serene environment, and shielding the forlorn animals that inhabit it. The World Wide Fund for Nature is a very impactful charitable organization that aids in restoring the planet’s environment and saves the lives of animals that are in need. The international organization World Wide Fund for Nature works on issues regarding conservation, research, and restoration of the environment.

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