Why Drunk Driving Must Be Taken Seriously

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Last Updated: 02 Nov 2022
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It is my pleasure to join you, at the launch of this year's Safe Partying Health Expo. The festive season is upon us, and many of us will be out celebrating with families and friends. Some will gather at pubs and clubs. Others will hang out at private parties. It is common for people to have a drink or two, at times more. When the night is over, some of these people will still choose to climb behind the wheel-even though they are not in the best condition to drive.

We must all know what grave consequences await. Drink-driving sharply increases the likelihood of accidents, and endangers the lives of other road users. It has continued to claim innocent lives. Drink-drivers also endanger their own lives. There are numerous fatal accidents that have occurred this year. All of them could have been avoided, had drivers been responsible, and chosen not to drink-and-drive. This must stop.

Most of you should have heard of the harms and depressing statistics associated with alcohol in health classes. But let us think of its penalties in the outside world. The police have the authority to immediately suspend your driver license or learner permit if they charge you with drink driving offences. They can also impound your vehicle. When someone is drink driving, they risk facing heavy fines and going to jail.

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In conclusion, public education, enforcement, and a review of laws must be considered in order to combat this issue. This is very important, because every life lost is one too many. Let us all make the world a better place and get the message out: Drinking and Driving is a deadly mix. Thank you.

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