Why Did People Vote for the Nazi Party

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Why did people vote for the Nazi party? ~ Young Unemployed Man 1929 I have decided to vote for the Nazi party. Right now our country is in a depression, and our people are suffering from misery and poverty. Adolf Hitler has promised to make our country a better place by overcoming these problems. His plans for us are so great. He believes in a brighter future for our country. We shall see his dream appearing before our very eyes. In a speech Adolf Hitler gave; he said, “ I’ve made it clear the German nation will be restored only when the German people find their inner strength once more! He believes in our people and our country. He wants the country to become a better place not only for him but also his supporters. He believes he is able to restore our country to its former glory, before World War 2 and the treaty of Versailles. He believes in creating a pure nation, made up of only us Germans. He shows the true weaknesses of democracy. The weaknesses only some people know of, he shows how unorganized and chaotic their business is.

He wants to show us that we have made the wrong decisions in the past and that there can be a new future. A future, which will be filled with hope and discipline. This hope helps us to continue on, and look forward to the future. The promises he made goes out to everyone of all classes, but the most important one he made was to give work to the unemployed. Unemployment is the reason why the country is failing. So when the Nazi party is elected I can finally feed my family again, we can keep warm in the winter and maybe even afford little luxuries.

The country will no longer be seen as a disappointment but as a haven, for those people like me, who have nothing but a few scrapes to live off of. The Nazi party has made big promises in which I believe will help our country achieve success. Not only that but it will benefit all of us in the country. All other parties’ promises seem like a disappointment in comparision. Those promises are only a minor achievement but our country wants to create power and purity. “Heil Hitler! ”

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