Which Do You Think Contributes More to Personal Happiness

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How one responds to a situation is a huge factor that contributes to personal happiness, for the state of happiness is achieved from accomplishing a certain goal. In the 18th century, the 13 colonies was in feud with its mother country, Britain; refusing to pay taxes without representation. George Washington, the General of the Continental Army, was hopeless and at the brink of surrender.

Yet through the motivational articles such as Paine's Common Sense," the establishment of the Declaration of Independence, and the arrival of the French, Washington's morale was boosted. At Yorktown, the Americans and French were able to force Cornwallis to surrender, and the war was finally over. Washing successfully accomplished his goal of leading the colonies to victory. This accomplishment of gaining independence not only gave the 13 colonies happiness, but mainly Washington as well.

As a result of this happiness, the colonies were able to unite into the United States of America. One's response in a situation definitely supports personal happiness. In the midst of my freshman year in high school, I was asked to help a friend who was struggling in the subject of Biology. After long hours throughout the week, he was finally able to interpret the information. The aftermath was successful and through my teachings, I understood the importance of happiness.

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Happiness allows me to feel not necessarily a higher being, rather like an older brother who is helping. This enlightenment taught me that happiness can only be achieved by how one reacts to a certain event. In this particular case, because I helped a friend understand the subject of Biology, I fulfilled a good deed, and therefore rewarded with happiness. Although society always seeks for happiness, it not a feeling that can be forced, rather obtain through good deeds and accomplishments.

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