Venn Diagram

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2021
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Visual tool to help students organize complex information in a visual way. The Venn diagram comes from a branch of mathematics called a set theory. John Venn developed them in 1891 to show the relationship between sets. The information is normally presented in linear text and students make the diagram to organize the information. It makes it easier when there is a lot of information, because with linear text it is not as easy to see the relationship.

The Venn diagram is an important tool for dents because it is another way for them to problem solve in life. If you are presented with a lot of information that is confusing you can use the Venn diagram to organize the information and once you have the information it is easy for you to see it all laid out before you. This diagram is something that also helps students who are more of a visual learner. If you are able to put all of the information out in a diagram and then you are able to not only see all of the information, you are able to have it all organized in a diagram and right here for you to see.

This method is helpful for all students, even those who are not visual learners. With the Venn diagram you are also able to see how the information relates to each other, as well as where the information does not relate. Have always found the Venn diagram an easy method of learning for lots of information. An example would be if you had a list of students who were good in math, a list of students who are good in English and then a group of students who are good in science and along with that list you have a sit of students who are good in all three subjects.

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