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The water was falling so fast that you would have thought that it was going to battle

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The water was falling so fast that you would have thought that it was going to battle. The waterfall stabbed the cliff and in two and flowed out at the summit like a haemorrhage of white blood. The narrow flow of water widened as it fell, preparing to face the enemy. The most noticeable thing about the water was the earsplitting sound that it made like giant cymbals in an orchestra, crashing together. However, after spending a while near the awesome waterfall you could no longer hear it. It was as if it had become a background scene in a story, which has been there from the start and will continue to be there until the end.

A huge wall of rock surrounded the deep pool into which the waterfall plunged. It was there to protect what lay beneath, to stop intruders, and to conceal its secrets. Every now and then when I adjusted my weight a rock would crumble off the cliff side, like a soldier dying. After the initial impact I waited. A few seconds later the rock would at last plunge to its death in the deep pool waiting for it below. From the sound of the crack it felt like someone was following me, trying to scare me away and stop me from finding the secret. The cliffs had large cracks in them each one telling us a story from the distant past. The rocks gave off a bland smell which was still was very noticeable. It smelled old as if it was telling us all its history in one quick sniff. The rough valleys looked like large monsters ready to pounce on the water if it made any wrong moves.

Every now and then I would look down at the astounding scenery below. One of the first things I would notice was the carpet of green spears below me ready to catch me when I fell. The trees also gave off a faint smell of fresh new bark which was very different to the dull, old smell of the rock that surrounded me. From where I was perched the birdsong was very distant yet my ears somehow focused in on it, as if wanting to hear it. It was the sweet, soulful love songs of the sparrows that sat on the tops of the large trees.

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The water was falling so fast that you would have thought that it was going to battle

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The waterfall did not only give off an eardrum-bursting sound but it also gave off a cloud-like mist that engulfed the area. It was a very hot and humid day and this mist was the only thing that gave any relief form the extreme heat. The mist felt so cool against my sweaty skin that it was as if a ghost had just passed through me. One minute I felt a cool sensation pass through me and the next it was gone and the hot sweaty quality of the day returned once more. The sky was grey with dark patches and some blue patches as though it hadn't decided what it wanted to be yet - whether to be a gorgeous day with the sun shining off the rocks or to pour and make everyone go inside. It was a typical autumn day - undecided, would it a cheerful sunny summer-like day or would be like a day in winter with a white blanket covering everything and causing us to curl up by the fire. Unfortunately it decided to be a mixture of both - wet and gloomy.

I was completely drenched to the skin and my hands slid continuously over the slimy surface of the cliff. I was very near the top now and I had to struggle to keep my hands from slipping. I tried to find a foot hole in one of the large crevasses in the rock but the ones within reach were covered in slime and were very small. I had to use all my climbing ability to get out of this one. I eased my foot into the foothold and suddenly, the rock cracked. I had nothing to hold on to, nothing to grip. I began to fall faster and faster. As I fell I was got wetter and wetter and I felt as though I and the waterfall were one and the same. The water was falling so fast that you would have thought that it was going to battle.

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