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Trap Ease America.

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Trap-Ease America 1. Martha and the investors in Trap-Ease seem to face a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ” What information do they need to evaluate this opportunity? What do you think the investor group would write as its “mission statement? ” The information that is needed for Martha and her investors to evaluate their opportunity is setting attainable objectives and goals for their product. Their Mission statement would probably be “To help you control your pest problem with ease. ” 2. Who is identified as Trap-Ease’s target market?

Are there other possible market segments that the firm could target? Trap-Ease’s target market is geared toward women, because they are the ones that are home with the kids and are a safer alternative when it comes to kids and mouse traps. There are other Targets, such as farmers. 3. How is the product positioned relative to the selected target market in the case? Are there other ways to position the product? The placement of the Product in various Stores such as KMart, grocery stores, and the drug stores are great, because women are most often in those places doing shopping for household items.

They could have created some kind of infomercial to get TV viewers attention. 4. What marketing mix has Trap-Ease established? Do you see any problems with this mix? Trap-Ease and an integrated marketing mix, they had a good Product, at a reasonable Price, they were available at different Places, and the Promotion was through the publicity it had gotten. 5. Who is Trap-Ease’s competition? Trap-Ease’s competition is Producers of the traditional spring-loaded traps.

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