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Thomas Friedman – Generation Q

Journal: Thomas Friedman – Generation Q This article by Thomas Friedman covers how our generation, ‘Generation Q’, is the “quiet generation” that holds ideals and hopes that can change the world – if only we weren’t so quiet. Friedman explains that our generation has a various range of idealism but we are not brave enough to come forth and express our points. In his opinion we are not as outraged as we should be.

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Friedman’s claim is not something new; he is more elaborate by specifying the problem, which is on politics.

Friedman explains that we need to get offline and get active within the community to truly make any politicians listen to what we need as the next coming generation. He feels our generation has become too quiet because of what technology has brought. He criticizes our generation by saying we waste time on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. I agree that various social networking sites aren’t going to help us solve problems such as global warming.

However, I strongly believe that technology has many positives that Friedman fails to recognize. He talks a lot about what his generation used to do, however he does not take into consideration that there are many factors that have differentiated ‘Generation Q’ from his generation. I feel it is also worth noting that our generation is raised with much emphasis given to higher education. This is mainly why most students are concerned with their collegiate bubble! After reading this article I would propose a few questions to Friedman.

Firstly, why should ‘Generation Q’ be help responsible to clean the mess earlier generations left behind? Secondly, how do you expect college students to sort out political issues when we already have our hands full with college? Lastly, have you considered the empowering nature of technology in the world today? For example, it can do wonders to spread awareness. Friedman put a lot of expectation for ‘Generation Q’ to be as identical as his generation. He must realize that each generation has their own way to be politically active.

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