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This Is How to Produce a Perfect Process Analysis Essay

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If you are a student who needs to write a process analysis essay or this lucky person who needs to pass academic IELTS, this article is a must-read. Process paper may look challenging from the first sight but if you know the step-by-step instructions it will be easy. Neither craftsman will know how to fix something new unless he knows which instruments to use. Writers can be compared with those craftsmen because without understanding the structure it will be troublesome to make up the whole essay. Let's find out which "instruments" and "techniques" you should know to write a perfect process analysis.

What is a process?

Have you ever seen pictures of many objects and points which show how certain things are created? It shows how the paper is produced, how the coffee is made, how the electricity is delivered to houses. If you noticed these instances begin with the word "How." We can even name this essay as "How-to-essays." You simply have to describe how something is made. Sounds not difficult so far, yes?

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Process analysis essay outline

Each essay should be well-structured. It is the main requirement for any writing. What is more,  in such essays a well-prepared outline is 50% of the exemplary paper.


You start with looking at the task description (if there is one). In the IELTS academic writing Task1, there are two sentences about what is described in the picture. If you have this information, use it. The easiest way is to paraphrase the task description by using synonyms. If you have only the picture, you should make up the introductory sentences yourself. It is not difficult as long as you understand what the whole process is about and which product is created at the end. Here is the example:

The diagram illustrates how the concrete is created. The production requires several significant ingredients and mechanical techniques.

This introduction has only two sentences, it doesn't include specific information about the ingredients, but it states the final product - concrete.

Main body

Here comes the most significant part. If the introduction can be a paraphrased task description, the main body is a clean area. But don't worry, everything will be clarified. After you have used the task, move on to the picture of the production itself. You will need to find out how many stages are there, which is the initial step, which is the final; count the ingredients or additional information. Never start writing unless you understand the whole process fully. Take your time, create the image of the production in your head, and start writing.

Here is the example of a brief main body which is the continuation of the previously written introduction:

The first stage starts with the production of cement. Limestone and clay are used at the beginning, and both go through the crusher where they transubstantiate into powder. After undergoing thermal processing in the rotating heater and grinder, the cement is created.

The next step is connected with the production of concrete. Its principal ingredient is the aforementioned cement. The necessary proportions of water, sand, and small stones are added to the cement. On the final stage, the ingredients are mixed all together, and the concrete is produced.


Summarizing the written information, you should be specific and precise. The final sentences are connected with the introduction because you refer to the overall topic. You shouldn't repeat the main steps as you did in the main body; just sum up what this diagram exemplifies.

And here is the example taken from the same essay about cement:

To conclude, the production of concrete combines a separate process of creating cement. Both of the materials require additional basic ingredients which in the mixture create new substances.

Tips for perfect process essay

If you stick to the structure which has been described, you can start analyzing diagrams right now. Look at the following tips to anticipate possible mistakes or problems:

  • Don't add personal Diagram analysis belongs to academic writing. Nobody is interested in your viewpoints here.
  • Write the steps chronologically. Any procedure should be done step by step. If you change the order, the final product will turn out to be different.
  • Improve coherence of the essay. Sequence words, adverb clauses of time, participial phrases will help readers to follow the order of the steps which you describe.
  • Explain uncommon terms. This type of writing requires specialized vocabulary, that's why, whenever you mention unfamiliar words, explain them to readers.
  • Use passive voice. It will be useful in describing how something is done by not paying attention to the doer of the action.

When you start writing process analysis essay, try to perceive its structure as a mathematical rule. Stick to the sequence of the steps, be logical, and describe the process as if explaining the DIY method. When the essay is ready, read it carefully, and if you see the logic in the process, then it will be apprehended by readers in the same way.

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