The UA&P Hallmark Programs

Last Updated: 24 Jun 2018
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Last September 22, 2000 was the People Development Day of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). It was highlighted with a program that became a gathering of the high ranking personalities the university has like the UA&P president, Dr. Mario D. Camacho; the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Antonio Torralba; the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Josemaria Mariano; and the program director of the People Development, Mr. Jun Papelleras. Dr. Antonio Torralba discussed the UA&P hallmark programs which I am going to tackle throughout this paper.

The word hallmark means a distinguishing characteristic sign, trait, or feature that makes one unique. In the case of the UA&P, it has three hallmark programs which are namely: values education; people development; and research and communication.

In the field of values education, the UA&P is committed to teach its students with the right and proper values and attitudes that will help not only for the betterment of the society but also for their common good. As a matter of fact, the university offers courses in social and professional system of moral values. With this, the UA&P aims to develop students with discipline, diligence, spirit of enterprise, integrity, social solidarity, and universal outlook.

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The second hallmark program of the UA&P is the people development. In this field, the university students are trained to be: environmentally aware in our surroundings; cooperative to others; values oriented; concern to their health and to the proper food nutrition; saves for mobilization; and properly educated persons. The UA&P believes that through these six programs of people development, the students will achieve its fullest potential as a well being.

The last hallmark program of the UA&P is the research and communication which is the foundational aims of its forerunner, the Center for Research and Communication. It is said that the UA&P continues its researches with the humanistic, professional, scientific and technical knowledge for the common good of the society. The university, through research and communication, aims to be a tool for the upliftment of the moral and social status of society.

Truly, the UA&P makes a difference through its three major hallmark programs as compare to the other universities and institution in the land. And that makes the UA&P unique and one of a kind.

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