The Role of Women During The American Revolution

Last Updated: 05 Nov 2022
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During the American Revolution the majority of women took part in the army with many roles, very few stayed home to work around the house. These women played a very important role and were known as "camp followers”. As a "camp follower” you wouldn't be paid much and got about half the amount of food that men got. Not all women were camp followers somehad more courage then others and served in the army disgusted as men, but very few did this.

Most women during the American Revolution played an important role in both the American and British armies. At the time of the American Revolution most women went into the army as a "camp follower” but for the women that didn't life was different. Some women would stay home with the children and clean and cook around the house. They would help with making clothing because at this time women had to make clothing for the family because they were not getting cloth imported.

Also the first sewing machine was invented during the American Revolution by a women, it ran by using water. For the most part women tried to help out as camp followers as much as they could. Mary Ludwig Hays was as a "camp follower” and she became known as "Molly Pitcher" during the war because she was responsible for bringing water to the troops. Her husband John was in the army as a member of the Pennsylvania Artillery. Margret Cochran Corbin was also a camp follower she followed her husband and other men in the army and learned how to do the things the men could do. Margret learned how to load a cannon and fire it and later helped out in a battle.

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She was very badly wounded when she did this and left the war to go live in Philadelphia. She later died and was buried under the name "Captain Molly", because most people looked at her as a hero and a role model. Another important woman that was not known as a camp follower was Deborah Sampson. The unique thing about her was that she impersonated a man so she could join the American army as a soldier. She did this because she felt she could do better then work on her family farm.

Deborah first enlisted under the name Timothy Thayer, but soon after they found out who she really was. The next time she enlisted under the name Robert Shurtleff. After a few battles she fought in she became very ill and her identity was discovered again by the physician that was taking care of her. Two other women that also took a role of men were Rachel Martin and Grace Martin. They were two sisters that did not like how women and children were being treated at this time and wanted to end what was going on. They dressed up like men in there spouses clothes to try to stop the way men treated women.

Most women during the American Revolution played an important role in both the American and British armies. As you can see women did serve an important part during the American Revolution and really stepped up and took part in things that maybe they normally wouldn't. Such as dressing up like a man and serving in the war or even learning from the men who fought how to load and fire a cannon. In conclusion women helped during the American Revolution in a very big and important part.

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