The Rich Brother

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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I enjoyed reading The Rich Brother; it deals with everyday life and things that are going on around me in real life. The two brothers, Pete and Donald would always get Into and complain about stuff they don't have or get Jealous of each other, and It shouldn't be that way their siblings. No matter who is doing better than the other or who Is unable to doing something, they both should have been there for each other.

In the story the author suggest that the rich one Is Pete, the older brother who Is In al estate, has a franchise In Santa Cruz, and works hard to make a lot of money. Donald, the youngest brother, Is single, lives alone, and paints house when he can find work. Looking at the story based on these few details everyone would suggest that Pete Is the rich one because of money, but It doesn't take money to make you rich. You can be rich because of the knowledge you have or all of the many different talents of skills you have.

Everyone thinks being rich means having money, there Is omitting you have to do to make the money in order to be rich so your rich before you even know it. I really can relate to this story, because my father and uncle is this way. My father, whom is the younger brother, is "rich" and my uncle isn't (in his own eyes). They both are rich because they are very talented and skilled. My father just decided to take his skills and use them to help him with his future and my uncle just sits around with his many talents and waits for things to be given to him.

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