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The Rich Brother by Tobias Wolff

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February10, 2010 Learning can be accomplished By Writing What is good writing and how might we identify or create it? You may ask. Good writing is a clear analysis of one’s ideas. It is organized and grammatically correct. It’s not only clear, but intriguing and also keeps the reader entertained, or if needs be to inform them. To expound, according to our discussion “Good writing is an organized analysis with a clear purpose or point that works to create understanding. It is done by using the rules of language to analyze or make an analysis of that point.

Analysis is a form of literacy criticism in which the structure of a piece of writing is made clear. To deliberate in details, to analyze, is to ask what something means. It is to ask how something does what it does, or why it is what it is. Analysis is used in everyday life, at school, work and play. Good writing is created when one develops a main thesis or purpose. A thesis is the writer main point or gist that he wants to get actress to the reader. After, the thesis, questions are asked. Which by doing do analysis takes place?

Then new and old information is entwined together o form the body of the paper or article. Do not forget that it must be grammatically correct and have a conclusion. A conclusion is basically a condensed version of the entire paper. By writing, whether it is good or bad, learning takes place. To create good writing, one must have a thesis or by gaining the main idea, then analyzing it by asking questions. For students in a writing class, though, the creative juices typically flow better when immersed in a more energetic setting.

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Discussions take and interaction between teacher and student is seen. Communication takes place, where the student is no longer afraid to ask questions. And if, they do ask questions it is not” how long should the paper be? ” As stated by Wesch “My classroom looks less and less like a classroom and teaching is less and less like teaching”. (5)-Michael Wesch. This process therefore allows students to ask questions. Do not just ask questions but good questions. Questions are important to better ones learning because they open the gateway to our mind that has been closed or left dormant.

To expound questions are the act of asking to gather new information to build on old knowledge. According to Wesch, “We are all cut out for learning. It is what makes us human. Wesch puts it perfectly that “Good questions are the driving force of critical and creative thinking, and therefore one of the best indicators of significant learning. Good questions are those that force challenge their own underlying biases. ”(5)-Michael Wesch. When a question is asked an answer is not really necessary. Wesch states that “Oftentimes the answer to a good question is irrelevant – the question is an insight in itself.

The only answer to the best question is another good question”. (5)-Michael Wesch. However, by asking questions one, gains new insight to add to the old knowledge as well as see the views of others. The students then will gather all the new information as well as their prior knowledge and use the rules of language to organize their thoughts according to the teacher’s rubrics. After which the paper is then developed. When the first draft of a paper is complete, a peer review is done. A peer review, evaluate professionally a colleague's work.

This is to see any mistake the students may have done or any information that have been left out. Finally, seeing that all corrections are made, the prompt is answered and the rubric is followed, a final paper is accomplished. In conclusion in a writing class, learning can be achieved. By creating, communication between teacher and students. Learning takes place not only by writing of course but, by creating contextual conversations, by asking questions, in order to gain new information to add to old knowledge as well as understanding the information found.

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