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How My Brother Leon Brought a Wie

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A simple, faithful and responsible are some adjectives that described Ms. Lara May S. Aguilar. A kind of woman who’s prioritized her Family and Career. She is the only girl out of four siblings of Mr. Rogelio Aguilar and Mrs. Warlie Galvez Aguilar, that was born on May 06, 1986 at Pasig, Metro Manila. She is presently residing at Pag-asa District, Talavera Nueva Ecija where she spent all her childhood days until school days.

She finished her elementary course at Talavera Central School year 1999, then her high school years at Talavera National High School year 2003. fter her graduation in high school, she think that she want to be a writer that is why in her college life, she chose a course that is related to what she want, and she decided to enroll Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at Nueva Ecija University Of Science and Technology. After her learning years, with the blessings of our almighty God, she passed the licensure examination for teachers on October 24, 2007 with a rating76. 20 % and this would be the greatest achievement she had.

After passing the licensure examination for teachers, she started as a lecturer with hourly basis in NEUST main campus on June 2007to October 2011, then as a classroom teacher in Kobayashi Learning Center at Homestead II, Talavera Nueva Ecija on October 2012 to March 2013. Presently, she is an English course instructress at the very first College school in Talavera, the Nueva Ecija University Of Science And Technology- Municipal Government Of Talavera (NEUST-MGT).

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