The Problem of Police Brutality Against Black People

Last Updated: 02 Jan 2023
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I am a student at College, and I’m writing to you because I know that this problem that I’m going to write to you, is a big issue that we are confronting on these days. Policy officers at New York are abusing of their law power, they are hurting and killing black people. Police are captured in video, and people look this violence in the streets. They do not have compassion about black people they just want to hurt them or even kill them. Clarence Taylor wrote a book about this issue, “'Fight the Power: African Americans and the Long History of Police Brutality in New York City,' he examines the explosive history of police brutality in New York City and the black community’s long struggle to resist it.” (Donahue) This is a long story that black people has faced in many years. We must stop this now! This is not a state issue this is a National problem because this kind of behavior is seeing through the overall country.

The amendments that are being violated in this issue are the 8th and 14th. The eight amendment is violated because sometimes black people are in charge about cruel and uncommon punishments, and the fourteen amendment because everyone deserve equal protection. We fight for equal rights, but we are not treated equal police are hurting and killing people just because of their skin color. This problem has a long story, there are historical evidence of public violation with Black people, it was in the era of slavery, when police threat them as animals (Alang, McAlpine, McCreedy & Hardema, 2017) Black American people are not slaves anymore, they died and fought for these rights but now police officers abuse of their power of law.

This is not fair for these people, they don’t do anything to these officers but they just want to hurt them just for fun. A case about this problem is, “Video showing New York City police officers arresting a young black man sparked outrage and elicited questions about the amount of force used to make the arrest in a city where mistrust of police remains high more…” (Grant, 2020) Another example could be, “video that showed a white police officer punching a black teen during a brawl on a Brooklyn subway platform. Hundreds of people last weekend marched in protest and the family of one teen said it will sue.” (Sisak, 2019)

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This problem is not just seeing in our country, this happens too in Mexico City. In Mexico, “Indigenous farmers have been harassed or attacked by paramilitary groups as they work their land. Police brutality and mistreatment by the justice system are commonly reported.” (“Indigenous peoples”, 2020) In Mexico City, indigenous people are not treated equal because is they have different costumes and sometimes these people suffer without doing anything bad. The difference is that in New York police officers attack people because of their skin color (racism) and in Mexico City just because they are indigenous people (culture).

The ethnic minority is affected because police officers are not respecting the law, this a problem that is coming since long time ago. The socio-economic groups are affected because they are the ones that are facing this problem. Our lives are in danger and in any time, we can get kill or hurt because of our skin color. Fortunately, people protest, “Hundreds of people marched through downtown Brooklyn for hours to protest what they described as brutality by the New York Police Department.” (Holcombe, 2019) But this is not enough people want justice, but government do not do anything. It is a big problem to our community, police officers have to change their mind, they are to protect not to hurt us. Democrats debate about this problem, Julian Castro a mayor of San Antonio, TX says, “We need to root out racism,' he said, 'because that doesn't represent the vast majority of Americans who do have a good heart.' (Allen, 2019)

The department that has the responsibility for this problem is The New York Police Department. They must control these kinds of behavior with their police officers. The executive branch by lay must maintain that laws of the United States are obeyed but they do not do anything about this problem.

One solution to this problem could be that executive branch must be obeyed, if not government must punish these police officers and send them to jail. Police officers must obey these laws because if not they will be punished. Another solution is that the New York Police Department must be stricter with the people that want to become police officers. Not everyone deserves this right, because officers must protect people and hot hurt them.

The United States must have election to this kind of problem. We must elect people that can help us with this discrimination with our country, because deserves to be safe even when we have different color.

Government must stop this law abuse, because police officers are killing and hurting innocent people just because of their skin color. This is a serious thing that our people is facing everyday in their lives. The New York Police Department has to take care about their police officers, they are not doing what are supposed to do. They are breaking the law, and they must be punished for these kinds of behavior for black Americans. American citizens can protest to the government to this problem. American citizen can contact to their representatives to talk about this problem and show them proves about the unfair behavior that police officers has with the community.

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