Essays on Police Discretion

Essays on Police Discretion

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Assignment: Police Discretion

Assignment: Police Discretion To me discretion is something that we always use like in how we choose things like a movie to watch food to eat we always have to be very discrete in what we choose to do. There are a lot of people …

PolicePolice Discretion
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Reflection Essay on Police Discretion

Discretion is defined as the authority to make a decision between two or more choices (Pollock, 2010). More specifically, it is defined as “the capacity to identify and to document criminal and noncriminal events” (Boivin &ump; Cordeau, 2011). Every police officer has a great deal …

CrimeJusticePolicePolice Discretion
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Police Discretions Is An Important Tool In Police Work

Running head: POLICE DISCRETION Police Discretion CJA/342 University Of Phoenix Police Discretion Police discretion is an important tool in police work due to the law sometimes being too vague or ambiguous. Police officers are trained on different scenarios that one may come across while they …

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Essays on Police Discretion
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The Pros and Cons of Police Discretion

Drawing the line between the appropriate functions of discretion among members of the police force remains to be an important component of policing. With the discovery of police discretion, there had been different debates as to its importance and hindrance in the application of law …

AccountabilityCrimeJusticePolicePolice Discretion
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What is police discretion?
Law Enforcement definitions. Discretion is an action taken by a criminal Justice official (e.g. police officer, lawyer and judge, etc. they make use of their individual judgments to determine the best course.
What is meant by police discretion and why is it important?
In the context policing, discretion can be defined as the ability for officers to make decisions that have an impact on the people they are protecting. ... It is also not recommended for officers to do that. This means officers will need to decide if the person violating the law is a risk to public safety.
Is police discretion good or bad?
Every person, regardless of their minor offense, would be taken into police custody and charged without this principle. The police discretion, when properly applied to our criminal justice system, does an outstanding job of streamlining it.

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