The Notebook: A Story of Enduring Love and the Power of Memory

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The movie The Notebook brings forth a great amount of emotion and affection. This story, originally written by author Nicholas Sparks, follows a couple through the ups and downs of love. The great portion of the movie is a flashback looking into the lives of two young people smitten for each other. Even when distance and other lovers separate them, the two find their way back to each other. In this movie the theory that love conquers all proves to be a major theme. This movie, origianlly a novel, starts with the Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) in their late years.

It becomes apparent that Allie suffers from Alzheimer's isease. Noah reads to her daily from a diary, but who he really is and show wrote the stories in this book remain unknown throughout most of the movie. It then flashes back to when they first met. They were teenagers at the time, and it did not take long for them to be inseparable and in love. Allie, coming from a wealthy family, was soon forbidden from dating Noah. Her parents thought their daughter deserved someone better then a mineworker.

Allie's family moves away from the town, and they do not contact each other for the few years that she is gone. During this time, Allie meets a soldier while she is a nurse during a war. Noah goes off to war, and he mother hides each and every one of them. Allie becomes engaged to her new boyfriend. Upon returning, home, she meets back up with Noah. Here, is where I find the most intense and important scene. Noah wants her back, and it is evident she feels the same way, but she now has a fianc©. After a long, grueling scene she goes back to her man, Noah.

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Throughout the entirety of the movie, it flashes back and forth between the past and the present. At the end of the movie, Noah tells Allie that the story he reads to her almost everyday is about their lives, and how they now have kids. She realizes she does not have long before she forgets this touching story, and so they enjoy the little time she has remembering that this man is the love of her life. In the end, they end up passing away together in the same bed, holding tight to each other and still very much in love.

In this movie, and scene particularly, the depth and emotion brought forth conjures a specific type of audience. I think that this movie was made mostly for adults, and most commonly women. I am part of this group, so I believe that is why I find it so appealing. The writer and producer ahd to keep this in min when writing the movie because of course these wo young this scene dramatically because this is when they decide they want to be with no other person besides each other.

This scene I chose stars off with Allie going to Noah's house after years of not seeing each other. As she starts to leave with an engagement ring on her finger from another man, Noah practically professes his love for her in a very tense way. The on-going question he asks is, "What do you want? " Allie repeatedly replies she does not know, but he does not even begin to take this as an answer. Once Allie exclaims she has to go, she leaves to go to the hotel where her fianc© is staying. When she arrives, he can tell that she is under much stress.

Being a very caring guy, he reminds her how much he loves her, as well as she does back, but he tells her he does not want to have to convince his finace to stay with him. Allie shows back up at Noah's house, and he knows at this point that she has come back forever. Throughout this scene, the producer shows the sexual tension between the two lovers. They set up the camera angle ot where only one person is seen at a time as they argue back and forth. Also, the way Allie has not moved far from her car shows how she is torn by being there and what she hould ultimately do.

Impatience is heard in Noah's voice throughout this entire because she keeps telling him she does not want to upset anyone, even though he lust wants her to let him know what she wants, not anyone else. During this scene in the movie, there are many effects added to the movie to set the mood. This conversation between Allie and Noah happens as she is leaving in her car after an intense scene. She is hanging onto the door of her car, letting Noah know how timid she is about this whole situation. She might be trying to show the way she does not want to be confronted about this topic.

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