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Engineering Notebook – How to Keep One

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That means, Write EVERYTHING Down, even include a dentist appointment; that's what helps make it a believable Legal Document and suitable for assessment purposes (and believe it or not patent applications too! ). So, keep the notebook up to date and have it Witnessed often by those whom you, report to and understand your work. Also, it can jog the old memory and reduce the number of times you do the same tests. "... mmmm I’m sure I’ve already done that?... " Of course, It won't Hurt when Final Reports are Due either! Here's How: )

Use a Bound (stitched binding) notebook. DO NOT use a loose leaf or Spiral bound notebook! 2) Entries Should be in Permanent Ink--Not Pencil. 3) The Title, unit Number, date and Book Number (should you need more than one! ) should be accurately recorded when starting a New Page. 4) All data is to be recorded directly into the notebook. The inclusion of all elaborate details is preferable. Notes and calculations should be done in the notebook, NOT on loose paper. In the case of an error, draw a single line through the incorrect data.

Do Not Erase or use correction fluid. All corrections should be initialled and dated. 5) In the case where you have used CAD or computer simulation to provide evidence then this should be stored in a folder BUT referred to and cross referenced (using consistent format of date / time / names etc. ) in your notebook 6) After entering your data / design ideas / calculations etc. , sign and date all entries. Witness or witnesses should sign and date each entry too. The witness must observe the work that is done, and have sufficient knowledge to understand what they read.

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Engineering Notebook – How to Keep One

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Names of those present during any demonstration should also be recorded. 7) Use Both sides of a Page and Never leave any White Space: "X" out or Crosshatch all unused space, and don't forget to initial & date the crossing out!. 8) All contents of the notebook / folder should be kept secure & safe. It should be kept in a SAFE place to safeguard against Loss. [The website shown below is full of ideas about design, electronics and tips – but done in an easy to read anecdotal and often humorous way]

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