The ministers black veil and the birthmark questions

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The minister's black veil and the birthmark questions and answers

The Ministers Black Veil:

1. What is the Serman's subject on the first day that Mr. Hooper wears the black veil?

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  • a. It had reference to the secret sin. The ones we hide from everyone, even ourselves. Everyone felt like he had crept upon them and knew all their secrets.

2. Who is Elizabeth?

  • a. She is the ministers.

3. Explain the effect the black veil has on the wedding that Mr. Hooper performs.

  • a. It was a distraction to the wedding and many people said it resembled evil.

4. Why does Mr. Hooper's cancel their wedding?

  • a. She asked him to remove the veil and he refused so she left him.

5. When Mr. Hooper is on his death bed, what does he say he sees in the faces of everyone? Why is this important to the story?

  • a. A black veil. This is meaning that everyone has secret sin and that they are all living in hypocrisy.

6. How does Aylmer Feel about Georgiana's birthmark? How does Georgiana feel about it? Aylmer thinks it's a physical mark of earthly imperfection. At first, she likes it.

7. What does her birthmark look like? Where is it located? Why is it important?

  • a. It looked like a red stain on her check that resembles a tiny hand. Men told her a fairly must have placed a hand on her when she was born. Women saw it as a flaw.

8. Summarize the dream Aylmer had about his wife's birthmark and his attempt to remove it.

  • a. He had a dream that he and his assistant were operating on his wife to remove the birthmark from her face.

The deeper he would cut the deeper in the birthmark would go until the tiny hand grasped her heart.

9. Who is Aminadab? What is his role in the story and what can he be compared to?

  • a. He is Aylmer's lab assistant. He helps remove the birthmark in the dream Aylmer had. He also is his assistant when Aylmer really tries to remove it. He doesn't know much about science he is Just doing what he is told. He represents the body.

10. What happens at the end of the story? Why does this happen?

  • a. She dies. It shows that you should not try to change someone.

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