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The Mark of Athena

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Rick Ordain Intro: When you find yourself on a flying ship waiting to land and then suddenly meet an exploding statue you're in Amenable Chases life. The crew of the 4 demigods in the Prophecy Seven venture out to Camp Jupiter, a Roman camp. They go there to find Percy, Frank, and Hazel the 3 other demigods for the prophecy. They ride on the Argon 2nd, a ship that one of the demigods made which can travel in the air and water. After landing in peace, one of the seven demigods started firing the ballista at the Romans and had no control over his body!

The seven demigods barely made it out alive. Speeding away from the Romans as fast as they could they head out to save Nice did Angelo and stop the giants from destroying the gods. Amenable has her own dilemma though. She has to follow the Mark of Athena to find and bring back something that the Romans stole from the Greeks that was dedicated to Athena. The catch is that she can only go alone. No help, no powers Just her smarts. Go with her as she unravels why so many children of Athena have never come back from trying to mind that holy figure that was taken by the Romans.

Will the seven demigods make it in time to save Nice did Angelo? Will Amenable complete the mission that her mother sent her on, which nobody has ever came back successfully or have even survived? Will they stop the giants who imprisoned Nice? Read "The Mark of Athena" to find out because, I'm not telling you. My favorite character in this book is Amenable because; she goes through denial with her mother and gets the Job to follow the Mark of Athena. She is a very realistic teenager in America.

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The Mark of Athena

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Having a boyfriend and having problems with her mother. The only real difference between the seven demigods and real teenagers is that they have weapons, godly parent's and powers according to their godly parent. I could only find one thing in this book that I didn't like. It is that Rick put almost all of the bad luck on Percy and Amenable. All the other demigods just helped out and barely shared the bad luck except Leo. The rating I give to this book is 9. 99/10 only for the unjust distribution of bad luck.

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