The Effect of Modern Lifestyle on Student Productivity

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The Effect of Modern Lifestyle (Technology) On Student Productivity


Over the past few decades, technology has been drastically changing the way our society functions. The current generation is becoming completely dependent on new technologies. According to “Peter H. Martorella – 1997” Technology has opened the world of communication in a way before inexperienced.

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It also allows for more tasks to be completed in less time. In essence, technology has made the world smaller. The danger is when we get so reliant on technology that we cease to do things ourselves, limiting our activity and interaction with the world around us. With advancement within culture and society, there are positive and negative influences. Many studies and articles had been conducted and printed upon the effect of technologies upon the modern society.

As for example an article had been released by Aydan Corken on May 2009 on The Negative Effects of Advancing Technology on Society. In this particular article it stated the negative effects of the advancing technology. Among the effects of that is stated in this useful article are laziness, decreasing of the communication skills, false information and so much more. Does this also affect the students’ productivity? This had intrigued us on doing a research the negative effect of technology upon the students. William F.

Massy and Robert Zemsky who writing article about Using Information Technology to Enhance Academic Productivity says that IT eases the limits of time and space for education activities and IT will bring the best lecturers to students via multimedia anytime and anywhere so that, like the recordings of the country's most celebrated artists, those of the best will drive out those of the merely good. This sort of access is especially important for the increasing numbers of nontraditional students in higher education, who often have job or family responsibilities limiting their possible school hours.

So with IT they says that it will make students life easier and efficient because it can cut cost and time consume rather than using traditional ways to study which is not efficient and time consuming. A research made by Leigh Linden (2006) who takes 2,156 students from 60 Gyan Shala schools in India as sample. The researches were made to test the effectiveness of Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) towards the students found that technology really helps those students to understand about their learning. 58. 3 percent of children in fifth grade could read at the second grade level.

Half of 9-10 years old school children could demonstrate basic numeric problem solving skills. This shows how technology can be implementing in students learning. If the technology is well used then the result will be astonishing. These Computer-assisted learning programs are generating excitement in India, where the high-tech industry is successful. Walter Johnson High School made a research that the internet is very beneficial for academic reasons. It provides many resources such as Dictionary. com, Thesaurus. com, Edline. net, and Collegeboard. org, which are advantageous and helpful for students.

It really helps students in making their homework and assignment given by their teacher. Teachers also feel satisfied about the quality of work done by the student. With technology, learning enterprise much more outcome-oriented, a change that has important implications for learning productivity. In fact, the areas that have made the most inroads with IT are subjects like foreign languages, math, and writing, whose outcomes can be most easily delineated. Continuous assessment provides the data needed to map the relation between cost and benefit, thus opening the way for experimentation and innovation.

In other words technology will empower students to have greater control over the learning process, with all the benefits associated with active learning and personal responsibility. Not only will students decide when to learn and how to learn, increasingly they will also decide what to learn and how that learning is to be certified But according to the NY Times, a study in 2010 from the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that children and teens “spend more than seven and a half hours a day (on an electronic device), compared with less than six and a half hours five years ago. The number of hours has probably increased since then due to the new inventions of this modern age. So parents nowadays are questioning about the effect of technology towards their kids productivity. This is because technology such as hand phone, laptop or video games can make this kid negligent with the technology. It appears that students are unable to focus on their school work during class and at home because of the increasing number of media outlets and new, appealing uses of modern technology. One of the researchers says that Technology may cause numerous health problems.

For example, according to Practice, Medical News Today, PR Log and Poynton, scientists, researchers and doctors such as Darius Lakdawalla, Tomas Philipson, Amy Drescher and Charles Poynton are concerned about the links between technology, obesity/heart problems, eye strain, deafness and muscle issues. This will cause students productivity decreasing because of health problems. Students who use hand phones or laptop for a period of time can cause eye problems or changes in behavior. The students could not give a full commitment to their productivity if they have health problems. So this will decrease their productivity.

Gloria (essay. forum. com) says that technology helps improve high educational institute. Computers are used by high educational institute such as university or college across the country to help improve student learning ability. Computer simulation is used in flight school to allow students learning to fly without risks of accidents. University and college use computers in testing environments to allow students taking tests to get instant feedback. Many students use the internet for research or getting online help. This proves that technology simply increase the productivity effectively and efficiently.

This is mainly because there are only few researches that had been done or available towards this topic. Many researchers in the past had argued upon this topic as their result are various and they still fail in finding a definite result. Based on a research that had been done in the United States on The impact of Education Technology on student Achievement by John Schacter in 1999 it stated that the students that use technology in their students have a higher passing rate and consume less time in their studies. This clash with the book that was wrote by Junko Yamamoto, C. Jay Hertzog, Joseph C.

Kush, Ron Lombar (Technology Implementation and Teacher Education: Reflective Models). In this book it stated that the students will face problems such as non-participation in class, laziness and etc. Thorough this research we hope to find out the real affect of technology towards students.

Statement of problem

Students in Uitm Puncak Alam already faced the effect of technology-based lifestyle on their productivity in life. A research made by James Kulik (1994) showed that technology do not increased student productivity as technology do not had positive effect on them.

Student were became heavily depended on the technology and do not realized on how the technology can possible effected them or dangerous that came with the technology will effect on their productivity. This situation showed that government should took this matter seriously as this matter can lead the country to produce unproductively. Many research can be made to find out the effect of technology on student productivity so the people will be alarmed upon this problem especially student.

Purpose of the study

Nowadays technology was became more importance to our life, no matter if you were a business man, a doctor, or a student.

The bond between the technology and student at present compare to the past are much stronger. Due to this fact, a study will be done in obtaining the data in order to decode this issue. The purpose of study described in this research report to assess the student of the effect of technology in their studies, related to their productivity.

Objective of the Study

The objectives of the study are:  To describe how university students in Uitm Puncak Alam currently use technology in their learning. To find out how technology- based lifestyle affects the university students’ in Uitm Puncak Alam productivity. . To investigate the students’ in Uitm Puncak Alam level of awareness of the potential effects of technology.

Research Question

  • Objective 1 To describe how university students in Uitm Puncal Alam currently use technology in their learning.
  • Research question 1: How often university student in Uitm Puncak Alam use technology in their learning? What is the level of effectiveness if student in Uitm Puncak Alam use the technology in their learning?
  • Objective 2 To find out how technology- based lifestyle affects the university students’ in Uitm Puncak Alam productivity.
  • Research question 2: What is the effectiveness of technology towards student in Uitm Puncak Alam productivity? How does this factor influence your (student) productivity?
  • Objective 3 To investigates the students’ in Uitm Puncak Alam level of awareness of the potential effects of technology.
  • Research question 3: What is the level of awareness of student in Uitm Puncak Alam upon the potential effect of technology? How is the level of awareness on student in Uitm Puncak Alam affect the potential effect of technology?

Significance of Study

After going through a deep process of searching and finding resources we had find out that there are only few research that had been done on this particular case. In addition to this fact we had also find out that currently there are still no definite result on the effect of technology towards the students Through this study we can gathered the data that were essential to this related parties such us parents, lectures, and universities or maybe even to the ministry of education. This can created the awareness of the stated parties upon the real effect of technology towards the students. The affect of this particular factor are very important as it determine and underline the reason for the success or failure of the future generations. In the process of obtaining the relevant data, we had decided to choose the students of University Technology Mara [(Uitm) (Puncak Alam Branch)] as our respondent. This covered approximately 50 students that were equally divided between the diploma and degree students of this chosen university. In carrying out this study we used the “questionnaire” method and we were also been giving out a short briefing before or while the respondents answer the questionnaires.

This was done to boost the effectiveness of the collected data and also to create awareness among the chosen respondent.

Research Methodology

This section discusses the methodology of the research. The main purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of the technology based-lifestyle on the degree and diploma student of University Technology Mara (UITM), Puncak Alam Campus. In obtaining and interpreting the effect of technology based lifestyle on their degree and diploma student, 50 students from UITM Puncak Alam were chosen as our respondents for this research study.

Data from the research were collected through questionnaires and small briefing. This research utilized both the quantitative and qualitative research methodology. The instruments used to collect data were questionnaire and a small briefing. A set of questionnaire containing ten questions were distributed to 50 respondents. Various types of questions were used in the questionnaire such as yes-no, listing/ choice, likert-skale and closed-ended. In section 1, the question asks on respondent about personal detail such as: program of study, current semester and gadget they own.

While in section 2, the question asks on how the technologies can help them in their study and their opinion about the real effect of technology-based lifestyle on the student’s productivity. The questionnaire was distributed to 50 students, 25 degree students and 25 diploma students. The data for the research come from the interview was utilized to confirm the finding from the questionnaire and then analyze. Other than that small briefing also the method that we use to obtain the data, these method uses while the respondents in group and be given briefing on how to answer the questionnaire. The respondents of this study were the degree and diploma students of UITM Puncak Alam Campus. 50 students were randomly selected to participate in the questionnaire survey. 25 respondents from degree students and 25 respondents from diploma students randomly. Before the actual data collection period, a pilot study was conducted ton assess the validity of the research instrument. A total of six interviewers were selected to distribute the questionnaire.

During actual study, the questionnaire were distributed in various places such library, cafe, student lounge and also at the bus stops. Respondent were approached with a question asking on how important are technology in their life and ask their personal opinion upon that issues. While the questionnaires were being answered, the interviewer briefly gave a small talk on hoe the effect could really affect their productivity level. This small talk functions as a spark to create and heighten the awareness level of the respondent upon the effect of technology based-lifestyle upon students.

Data Analysis

To analyze the data a total of 5 variables there are the types of gadget, productivity, time consuming of study, the life-style and environment. The data were entered into the computer using SPSS software. The results were presented through frequency accounts and other descriptive statistic. While distributing questionnaire to the respondent (student) they will briefed about the effect the technology based life-styles while fill up the form. The objectives of briefing merely to help them to open their mind about the current technology benefit.

We will not influencing about their decision. It is up to their own perception to decide whether it is good or not after been given briefing. The data that were gathered then will be transcribed into graphs, charts and table to project the analyzed da 3. 0 Introduction of Findings The research on focused on the life of student in the era of technology. Before we proceed with the questionnaire, firstly we explained about the respondent. Our target respondent was among the student form UiTM Puncak Alam.

There are 2 programmed in this campus consist of diploma and degree. We had 50 questionnaires to distribute among the student in the campus. 50 questionnaires are divided into half, 25 questionnaires for diploma student and another half is for degree student. As we conducted our survey, we were using questionnaires methods. While the respondent answered the questionnaire we gave a small explanation to the respondent for their understanding before they answered the following question.


  • Rate the effect of technologies on your studies.
  • How technologies help you in your learning.
  • Does technologies help you in your studies Objective 2 To find out how technology- based lifestyle affects the university students’ productivity.


  • Do you agree that technology can increase a student’s productivity
  • If yes, how effective the technology help you in your studies
  • Do you agree that technology and education is a perfect mix
  • Technology is useful for student to complete their task/assignment

Objective 3

  • To investigates the students’ level of awareness of the potential effects of technology

Question 4:

  • Briefly explain how technology helps you in completing your task.
  • Technology does more harm than good for students especially in their learning

The chart above shows every current semester respondent in this campus UiTM P. Alam. When we conduct this research, our target population is in the campus Uitm Puncak Alam itself, but the scope is the student who studying here.

Both programme we were accepting to proceed and to choose randomly from 25 diplomas’ student and 25 degrees’ student to success this research it is the effect of the technology-based lifestyle on student productivity. The chart showed the programme of study in the Uitm P. Alam. There both programme study in this campus which are diploma and degree level. Based on our topic the effect of a technology lifestyle-on students’ productivity, this programme of study we separate it follow between diploma student and degree student. 5 students come from diploma and the rest should in the degree student. Total for both student have same percentage on helping our research.  This chart showed the gender of the respondents that have been taken into in uitm puncak alam campus. Based on our topic the effect of a technology lifestyle-on students’ productivity, this program of study we separate it follow between diploma student and degree student. 25 students come from diploma and the rest should in the degree student.

Total for both student have same percentage on helping our research. The figure 2 shows the different type of gadget respondents have that they are using right now. From the chart itself, majorities are comes from hand phones user followed by the second highest, they are using a laptop. The rate Mp3/Mp4 among this respondent is quite higher than i-pad, PC and others. 50 respondents do not mean that they all have hand phone or i-pad. Majority of the university student often use technology in their learning by using hand phones and laptops as their top tools of technology .

Most of the students showed that laptop and communication device in learning increase their level of effectiveness. The high awareness of the technology tells the student how to make technology easier in learning. Most of the students now days is easily influenced thus giving the good effect of technology towards student productivity.  As we can see from the chart, it is the answer from the respondents whether technology help student in their study. Most of the respondent says the answer is Yes while rest say No. ue to the effect of modern lifestyle (technology) on student productivity is become as apart from our life student will use. Technology frequently to do their task or assignment and most of respondent agree that technology helps them in learning because as we can see that almost class in our campus has a learning support equipment like a computer (PC), laptop, and projector. Other than that, students do not need to bring a book or notes but it enough if they read the books. They also can keep the notes that they get from the lecturer in their pen drive so that they do not worry to loss their notes or miss the important things.

From this survey also we know respondent feedback about the change from time to time how technology helps student in their learning, from used the chalk and talk technique like a visual aids. Obviously, we can see how technology helps students in their learning and the level of effectiveness if student use the technology in their learning.  Base on the bar chart, it shows that weather technology can increase a students’ productivity or not.

From the previous chart most of the respondent said the technology can help student in their study, to do their task or assignment , gather a lot of information and show the level of effectiveness if student use the technology in their learning, but for this question most of the respondent said No. This question is to measure the level effectiveness of technology on student productivity. From this chart we get the result show that 35 of our respondent are does not agree that the technology can increase the student productivity while another 15 agree with that question.

From the feedback we get from the respondent, it is show that technology does not give any impact to a student however they believe that students’ productivity is related with how much the effort that student have in their studies. The effect of modern life-style (technology) does not influences of students’ productivity because technology as a equipment that support the student in their learning while the productivity comes out from the student itself.

Technology Does More Harm Than Good for Student Especially in Their Learning

From the chart above, we can see that the result that given by the respondent eather technology does harm than good for student especially in their learning. From the result, 8 people from our respondent give the answer uncertainty follow by 15 respondent answers strongly disagree, 20 respondent give the answer disagree, 5 people said agree and 2 people answer agree. From the feedback from our respondent it shows most of the student said that the technology does not harm student especially in their learning but technology are helping to get some information, to do task or assignment and making their life as a student easier.

This question is related with the level of awareness of student upon the potential effect of technology. Means that, what are the potential affect from that technology that can help students in their learning. Students realized that the technology is very useful to them but it doesn’t mean it will effect on students’ productivity. Because the modern lifestyle nowadays student are more depending on technology and they think that by technology they can finished their task smoothly without thinks wisely about their productivity as a students.


As we are expected from this research, technology has been drastically changing the way of student in generation Y and generation X in their process of learning. Now days, the generation Y is becoming completely dependent on the technologies that many studies and articles had concluded. We can see the different of performance of both generations where generations X is more committed in their action rather than generation Y.

This research is try to find out how technologies affected the students in UiTm Puncak Alam on the usage of technologies, the students productivity and their awareness towards technologies that drastically becoming more easier to their user. To gain these objectives, we use questionnaire as our method toward respondents to gain the data on this research. In the questionnaire we use the quantitative and the qualitative question that consist of three sections. Using this method give us the experiences on how to conduct and overcome respondents behavior toward the question on our questionnaire.

After we go through the phase, we can conclude:

  1. The type of technologies that students of Puncak Alam use is more on phone rather than others.
  2. We also can conclude in this research technologies are helpful in their studies, where as they use technologies in printing the handout, web surfing for learning, communicating and others.
  3. In this research we also find that the productivity of the student strongly affected against technologies, but in the other hand the level of positive impact also does not reach the bench mark that is (technologies) required to help the student in the study.

The result of this study indicate that technologies and the students productivity are two different factors that will never ever compliment the students in increasing their productivity. However these findings are only true for UiTM Puncak Alam Campus students only and cannot be generalizing to others students and universities. The same study need to be conducted with different students from others universities to see if they are any similarities with the factors that will influence the students level of productivity due to technologies.

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