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The Destructor and the Lord of the Flies Being a successful leader doesn't mean that you have to be aggressive and to use the power of authority. Both, in the destructor story and Lord of the Flies novel we could find some similarities in the way how the young children managed to be leaders and to achieve what they wanted. In the Lord of the Flies we can find two characters of two young children that used to be leader. In one side we had Ralph whose aim was how to escape from the island and in the other side we had Jack whose grief was how to secure food.

Ralph was very calm and well educated boy but he had one problem hat he couldn't managed to have under control Jack. This might be because of lack of knowledge since he was too young. Ralph ideas of taking care about the fire was brilliant, this is because if we have a list of equipment's that we need to survive in such places in the first place should be a mirror or light that would reflect the light , so that would be a chance for them to be identified from a long distance.

Jack character was too aggressive and he wanted to be a leader and to take things under control, but the problem was that he didn't see any long term solution besides securing food. He was not cooperative with the others and wanted to control situation using his power which in most of cases doesn't work and this was shown as well since he started to get control in his tribe, some of them lost their lives. In the end of the film we can conclude that Ralph idea that he gave when he took leadership was realized.

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Soldiers wouldn't saw them, if there were not any fire on the field. In the Destructor story we can find some other characters of young children. In one side we had Blackleg who was appointed as a leader of a gang with voting but since he didn't have any new ideas he didn't manage to keep the leadership. When T comes and he gave his idea he immediately keep leading and he achieved to realize his goal by managing the team by delegating duties to each of them in order to make them all involved.

Finally we could say that having a good ideas and being creative and being able to manage and implement in proper way this is how usually works in many cases but you need to have an experience and to be able to keep things under control. In Jacks case he proved that being a leader and using authority and power doesn't really work and possibilities to fail are more than to win. Shaped. The Destructor and Lord of the Flies By Shipped

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