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Lord of the flies a book by “William Golding”. It’s about a group of boys who crashed landed and got deserted on an island way off their planned route, with no shelter, food or water. They must do whatever they can to survive. There are twists and turns but in the end it comes down to a very big life motive and a moral. In the beginning of the story, the boys were all separated from each other. Piggy picked up a shell typed object, and told Ralph to blow in it. This part of the story showed that Ralph can come up with ideas and knows his geological facts.

Ralph decided to blow in it, which made all the boys come to one place. This showed that piggy’s idea was great but when the boys gathered around Ralph and Piggy, they thought it was Ralph’s idea which gave him a bit of an edge towards leadership. They were all deciding on a leader to take front of this survival issue. Jack and Ralph were the oldest so they went into debate. Ralph is a little bit more muscular and straight backed then jack was. On the other hand jack was a skinny, longed faced character and didn’t show much appreciation for the debate.

One other thing that Ralph was doing that he was standing on a rock at the time, while jack was sort of with the group just standing on a side. This already gave Ralph the advantage on who looks more presentable and responsible of becoming a leader. Another fact is that Ralphs father is a commander which gave him even more reasons to become the leader of the group. For now jack really doesn’t care but later on things get physical. As we go on in the story it came to a point where jack was getting frustrated with Ralph’s rules and how things should run. One of their biggest fights were about if fire was more important than food.

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While jack wanted to find a way to kill a pig, Ralph wanted find a way to start fire. This part of the story shows a divide happening between them. This is sort of like our world, the two different types of government, communism and democracy. They have a divide between them about what you can do and cannot. After jack makes his own group with his set of rules and promised there will be food. An example I can give for this is the elections we have. There are different groups and leaders debating on who can offer what to the city and what benefits you will get a behalf of you a citizen.

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