The Cost of Success

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In college, students deal with multiple stress factors and finances should not be included. Numerous of students graduate high school each year and only a select decide to further their education. These students should be able to attend college without worry. College helps students choose a career and prepare for life after their graduation. A student stressing over how they're going to pay for their textbooks or what they're going to eat for dinner because a meal plan wasn't affordable shouldn't even be an issue. College can be an overwhelming experience and even more overwhelming for those who need their financial needs met.

Being an out-of-state student with no type of grant helps me relate to these situations. Students who are able to focus on school and stress less about finances are more likely to strive in their classes and graduate with a higher grade point average. Having costless tuition, allotting an amount in a food stipend every month, and giving out-of-state students top priority in campus housing can eliminate stress and build a brighter future for the college students of America. Students should be able to graduate high school with the only concern of being admitted to the school of their choice.

Worrying about how tuition will be covered is Just adding to the chaos. Many students graduate high school with the hopes of getting in college but know it is financially impossible for their families. Sure, loans may help but once a student graduates and is ready to start their career, every month they have to pay back what the government loaned them to attend college. For the past two years, I have not received any type of grant for school because my parent's retirement is figured into my financial aid award decision. My parents have worked hard for their retirement and they shouldn't have o use this to pay for my schooling.

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Tuition should be free for all students who are enrolled full-time, maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher, and have a clean criminal record. This can really eliminate stress not only from the students but the parents as well. There are many people in the United States that benefit from the government's Food Stamp program. The program gives a person a roll-over monthly stipend according to their income and household dependent amount. For college students, if you do not have a child, you must be working at least 20 hours a week just to receive food stamps.

In some states, college students aren't even eligible for food stamps because the government uses their tuition as income, which results in rejection due to the high amount. Every college student that stays on or off campus, does not have a meal plan, is enrolled as a full-time student, and maintains a 2. 0 GPA or above, should be allotted at least $250 a month in food stamps. For a student who doesn't receive any financial aid, a meal plan can be very costly. Having to work while being a full-time student to provide groceries every month is almost ridiculous. This can resolve numerous money issues as well as stress.

Campus housing is another college stressor, especially if a student doesn't have enough money to even cover the residential fees. Many students travel miles and miles each year to attend the school of their choice. Is it fair that these out-of-state students have to compete with in-state students for housing? Searching for an apartment from a different state can be extremely challenging, but this can simply be resolved by giving out-of-state students priority in campus housing. Being from North Carolina, I considered on-campus housing but I was declined due to over capacity.

Because of this, I had to search for an apartment through the internet; this was extremely challenging. It is understandable that some college campuses may have limited space for all their students; however, out-of-state students should have priority before spaces are occupied. These solutions may seem abstract but they allow students to stay focused on their academics. Finances are stressful for college students and also adults who have already established a career. It is more important to target the younger community because they hold the key to the world's future.

Students who are able to e stressed and free of basic needs and stay driven to complete the school will succeed. They will not only succeed but be at the top of their succeeding class. College altogether is overwhelming, so why add more to a college student's plate? Costless tuition, monthly food stipends, and priority housing for out-of-state students are the solutions that will make a drastic difference in the college environment. Imagine how these solutions can help students succeed in the career they actually want to pursue. This entire world could be made into a place much more promising for rising adults, like myself

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