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The Clovis

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It was the November 1932 when a road crew first discovered a cache of big ancient bones. As soon a word got out in the competitive field of archaeology Edgar B. Howard rushed to the area where the cache of bones was found. Howard persuaded the land owners to let him excavate the site for this valuable find.

Howard soon launched the field project the following summer of 1933. During the summer matted masses of mammoth bone were found. Also found with the mammoth bone were slender finger long spear points today know as Clovis points. Howard left them in place until researchers showed up to the discovery site.

Clovis points chipped from chert, jasper, obsidian and many more brittle stones. The Clovis points base to tip they are shallow grooves called flutes that may have helped the points be put in to spear shafts. Usually four inches long and 1/3 of an inch thick often sleek. After this discovery Howard and many others looked for these points in artifact collections in Siberia the origin of the first Americans.

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None were found, so perhaps Clovis points are the first American invention. More than 10000 Clovis points have been found have been discovered in 1500 locations in America. Points similar Clovis points have been found as far south as Venezuela. They seem to have been dated 13,500 years ago. Clovis points were made for about 300 to 400 years then disappeared so did the Clovis culture that made them.

The Clovis people settled into different ecological zones, the culture split into different groups adapting to their own environment. The Clovis marked a new begging for social, cultural, linguistics diversity that characterized the next 10,000 years.

New Mexico contains 6/7 life zones that first attracted the first human beings to stay over 15,000 years ago. These ancient people emigrated across the Bering stretch from Siberia.

The Clovis people emigration is believed to follow the now extinct mammoth, bison and early ancestors of horse and camel.

When the most recent ice age went north these people seemed to stay in the southwest and adapted to have a greater dependence on plant foods.

The Clovis people typically wore animal furs like mammoth and bison. The people wore animal furs because it kept them warm in the ice age. The Clovis people as hunters would travel light just with food and weapons so they can keep up with eh animas they were chasing.

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