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The Characteristics Of The Modern Period As Related To Thomas Hardy`s “Hap”

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The modern period is characterized by accelerating social, technological and economic advancement. It is also weight by the build up of universal empire controlling almost all of the economies of the world (“An Analysis of Hap by Thomas Hardy”). Great bulk of wealth has been transferred and controlled by some countries.

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However, some just lag behind and unable to stand with the sudden crash that happened. Time has changed and everything has changed but some still insisted with ancient mindset that has been coined a long ago.

Mindset that was not acceptable this modern period. In his poem “Hap”, Thomas Hardy pointed out modern changes and the unsystematic landscape of life. This was the time of transition. The presence of somebody in existence that was liable in all the changes that was happening was wondered and inquired about (Davidson). The idea of great economic, social and technological changes was new. It was not yet clearly defined and established.

All the advancement that was happening to their way of life was an idea that was fallen from the sky and was just credited to somebody he thought to be compassionate God was responsible (“Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)”). All modernization in technology, culture, beliefs, traditions, mindset and even religion was worked out by man for thousand of years. These are all products of their unveiling thirst for knowledge and betterment of the way of living.

The information age has approached. Information was transferred in only a flash wherever you are in the world. We always see new creation and innovations everyday like in the world of computers. Computer has been the greatest achievement of man for centuries. It started just like a size of the entire room with only little functions(“When Was the Computer Invented? “). Now it has evolved to almost absolute functions even in its diminutive size and continuously developing.