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The Case against Tipping

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There are many good reasons on why you should tip a waiter. Anyone who has had much experience in a restaurant franchise would know that most of your wages are tips. The places do this in order to promote better service and to save money by not having to pay the employee minimum wages. This can be beneficial to the customer leaving a good tip can give a customer better results with the service. They may get a kinder person, faster service, and hotter and fresher food or drinks. They also can leave with the knowledge that they made the person feel better about their job, and the fact that they may make their days wages.

On the bad side of tipping The people usually don’t even make minimum wage. They have to rely on the customer in order to make a pay check. This may make the customer fell like their being scammed out of their money, because the person serving them isn’t working for them so why should they have to pay the persons wages. Another con is the tip your giving may be as much as the stuff you bought or possibly even more. Some places coffee is just a dollar and with a dollar tip that would set the price as the same as what the person bought.

Another problem is that they may have a cup set out in order to make the customer feel bad about not tipping. What if you don’t have enough for a tip at the time? You feel you have to because it’s set right there in front of you playing a mental game. OR what if they give you bad service why should you tip for that? What reasons do you find most compelling? The reasons I find most compelling are the fact that restaurants in particular push their waiters/waitresses into the customer’s hands. I am one that believes that the people should get paid regular wages and have their tips be a bonus for good work.

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The Case against Tipping

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Not have the customers foot the wages for them so they can be greedy and put more money in their pockets. Another reason that I find compelling on the other side is the fact that sense the customer does it helps them get better service. I do get understand the sense of gratification of the person that tips and receives it does make them feel better about their jobs. But at the same time people shouldn’t feel obligated to tip for bad service. Which concerns have particular merit? I think that the tip jar situation does have merit.

If a person set a jar out for tips it is a trap that messes with the customers mind. I would personally feel bad if I looked at the tip jar and didn’t have enough money to pay or if I got bad service I’d feel like I was being forced to pay for that bad service. Also The fact that the employees have to make their wages off of the tips poses a lot of merit. Essentially on one hand I’m paying for a worker that isn’t employed by me. On the other hand that worker has to make their wages. Can you balance the interests of both sides of the issue?

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