Texting While Driving in Texas

Last Updated: 13 Jan 2021
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Driving around highway in Texas, I am seeing a lot banner of warning signboards accident. The number of people death in 2012 is over 200 people and the death toll will not stop measurements. So, why accidents can happens easily? There are a thousand of reasons that make accident happen, but I think the major reason is “be distracted when driving”. Reading article called “Family hopes ban on texting while driving will be passed” by ODESSA AMERICAN, make me understand more about the reason that cause accident. Moreover, this article likes a report about the number of accident and its case.

Tears drop in Teague family’s face when they recall the worst day, the day when their 22 years old son died because of a car accident on highway. The reason was “he was arguing with his wife” and he went out of control. On high ways, people have to drive very carefully because there are no traffic lights so all people are driving with the high speed; this is the main reason of “out of control”. To drive on the highways people have to be very focused and careful, but that 22 years old man did not, he ” be distracted when driving”.

This make me mark a question “If that day he did not argued with his wife, maybe he safe” …and If people don’t be distracted while driving or at least they drive with attention, the number of death will not increase . But “If” is the biggest word on the world. In my opinion using phone while driving is considered as a way to save time for those who are dynamic. However, this will be a major influence on the ability to control the steering wheel, as well as your visibility and can cause unpredictable consequences.

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Just 4 seconds to read the message or text message, you have lost focus on driving and can cause accidents to self and others. We cannot do all things at a time, we must learn to organize things in the logical order, the person you are texting message to can wait for you, but your live can not wait for you. I think that the number of traffic accidents will not reduce until the ban on texting while driving passed because text messaging requires visual, manual, and cognitive attention from the driver and if driver just focus on the phone, accident is a grossly result.

I am strongly believed if law of using electronic device applied; the number of death will be decrease. I used to think texting while driving should be legal because an accident can happen many ways, but for all the reason I read on the internet, main cause is people spend too much time con concentrate on their phone and lost control, no matter how good someone's multi-tasking skills may be, it is impossible to give complete attention to driving. Texting requires a person to look down at his or her phone and not at the road; so I think texting should be illegal, and that illegally is a legal permit for saving our life.

If the law ban on texting will be applied, what’s come next? I think there are 2 different cases will be happened. First, if people admit and follow the law, no texting when driving, then it may not be a cause of accident any more. Second, if that law not accepted, in order to hide police . people will still text and drive. They will just hide it and are more likely to run off the road because they are holding their phone further down and their eyes are off the road longer.

I think there is no conclusion for this topic, because its habit, if people care and want to save their life, they must have solution for using electronic driver when they are driving. To reduce the number of accident, people should try to pay attention on the road in order to control the wheel very well. Keep yourself fit, physically and mentally. Never drive if you are drowsy/drunken/tired. Try to be calm while driving, if that's not possible, take a cab or the bus.

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