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Texting While Driving: Overview

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Cause/Effect Essay November 23, 2011 What effect has “Text Messaging” put on our lives? The term Text Message is defined as a noun, it is an electronic message sent over a cellular network from one cell phone to another by typing words, often in shortened form as “l8t” for “late” on the phones numeric or QWERTY keypad. (Dictionary. Com) Over the years text messaging to me has been taken out of content and has been used for things you would not imagine.

The younger generations as well as the old are now using text messaging a lot and a lot of people know that it is an addicting activity. Text messaging is being used for many different things in today’s society, some things good and something’s bad. For example we use text messaging at our church in our choir to let the choir members know which colors to wear each Sunday. I honestly believe that text messaging has caused a lot of people to stop spelling out words.

Text messaging in my opinion was designed to be a shorter and faster way of communication but in today’s society some people have put down the cell phone but have not started back writing there whole words. I say that to say text messaging also has an affect on peoples English in today’s society. By having an effect on peoples English that causes problems with the kids in school, because it is no secret that by fourth grade if not lower a lot of kids have cell phones and they have learned the activity of text messaging.

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Texting While Driving: Overview

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As I stated before text messaging is a faster shorter way of communication which cause’s you to sometimes break down your words or spell them in ways that are shorter, with kids doing that sometimes it can get hooked to them and when there doing there school work they can misspell a lot of there words because in their head there still texting. This can cause kids to fail there classes due to simple mistakes from texting.

This can be prevented though if parents control there kids texting and put a limit on it because if not texting can go a far way such as the term sexting, sexting is sending sexually explicit messages via cell phone or instant messenger. (About. com) you may say what does that have to do with the topic, I believe it has a lot to do with the topic because when you’re talking about texting that’s a big category. The young people in today’s society have taken texting to another level because there growing up and there body is going through different things and their emotions are raging.

The best way I believe parents can talk to their kids about texting is to come to them in a way where your not judging them but also letting them know the consequences it could cause and give them time to talk also while you just listen. Sexting is one of the many ways texting can affect our life. Text messaging has become so convenient that people are now texting and driving at the same time which can be very dangerous. This has caused a lot of wrecks and police are really cracking down on this activity.

Texting while driving laws have been put in place in some states studies show that Texting while driving laws prohibit the use of electronic devices to write, send or read messages while driving. I have known people to get tickets for texting and driving and have had to pay large fines. In this world today people drive so reckless and careless that your eyes should be on the road at all times when you’re driving. Texting while driving could cause your life or another driver’s life. In my closing I would like to say that I hope something has been said to show you how texting has a huge impact on our lives.

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