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Texting While Driving Can Cost you your Life

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“You think it’s not a big deal / you’ve been driving several years / But have you really thought about /the cause of many tears” (Vannoster). Many people Loss of someone, Effects of texting while driving causes accidents, dangers, and even death are not a lie. Texting distracts the driver from the road which can lead to accidents. When someone takes attention off the steering wheel and gives some of it to a cell phone, they are taking away attention that should be focused on what’s going on around them.

Poor driving experience combined with distractions can lead to crashes. Texting while driving cannot only risk the driver but can also risk other drivers. Texting puts the lives of the drivers around them at risk. When someone is texting and goes into the lane next to them, sometimes there is a driver in the other lane and suddenly there is a crash probably one or both of the people involved in the accident dies. Deaths because of texting are the leading cause of death The rates of death while texting is outrageous.

Texting while driving a vehicle is the leading cause of accidents and deaths of teenage drivers. Texting drivers are more likely to be involved in a crash than non-texting drivers. Many people still want to keep texting while driving knowing the circumstances. People who text are against making texting and driving illegal. They believe that texting can help make their lives easier. Some folks believe that just because they text and drive don’t necessarily means that they’re going to be in an accident.

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Texting does distract people from the steering wheel, which is why texting while driving should be illegal. Many people lives have been taken away from texting while driving. Every day it happens. Texting while driving is very dangerous and causes lots of injuries. Teen agers are the most dangerous when it comes to texting and driving. Driving is so usual that people don’t think it’s really important to be always looking around for safety. Almost every teenager boy or girl owns a cellphone and have reached the age to drive a car.

Many teens think that they can do multiple things at the time so they basically don’t view texting while driving as a threat. Text messaging is extremely distracting while driving. No one should be allowed a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. Using cell phones while driving is can be avoided and if folks are caught doing so; they should be penalized for it. To end this situation all phones should come with a car drive mode application so that it blocks the user from using the cellphone while driving.

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