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Current Event-News Article TEAM C Tracy McGinnis, Amanda Miller, Jessica Moore, Don Jackets & Lisa Schoenberg BUS/ 475 October 14, 2013 Mark Romeo Government Shut Down News Article Strategic Management and Planning In the first week of class we discussed strategic management and planning, mission and vision statements, organization structure, culture and purpose, and how to develop a strategic plan.

In this article, Bill Gates Says Government Should Be Run More Like a Business: Why That's a Bad Idea, had some very good points as far as the overspent being ran like a business but it also had good points on why it should not be ran as a business. One of the major points that were made, was that a business' main goal is to produce a profit and the government is not meant to make a profit but to provide socially beneficial goods and services to the general public (Bloomfield, 2012). When we talk about the government , we think of management and planning.

The government has not done well in either area recently and the government shutdown is proof of this. Congress could not come up with a budget hat they all could agree on and not everyone was on the same page with Obama care. Shutting down the government and this affecting the pay of the Military amongst many other services that have been stopped, this is not good planning nor is it good management. The vision and the mission of the government seem to have strayed far from what it was originally designed for.

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The US government was meant to serve the people of the country and to show leadership not to be a tyrant, like shoot analysis By orthogonally people, by the people, for the people" but sadly this day in age we have strayed very ar from this congress seems to be in this for themselves and not for the people of the country. If a company loses sight of their vision and/or mission statements then they essentially lose sight of what is best for their employees. Internal and External Environments In week two we learned how internal and external environmental factors can affect an organizations strategic plan.

There are multiple internal factors that affect an organization such as stability, aggressiveness, team orientation, innovation and risk taking amount many more. The external factors that can affect a organization are hysterical-natural factors, social-cultural factors, technological factors, political-legal, the main two external factor I would like to focus on that is directly related to this article political-legal factors and economic factors. In this article Bill Gates states making the government run line a business is dysfunctional, making the government run like a business is not the solution (Bloomfield, 2013).

Questions arise when dealing with running the government like a business, political-legal factors such as government policies and laws, are we meeting these standards when doing business. Should the government have the same involvement as a business would with these issues, the government is not a domestic business. The government shut down is directly affecting our economy, federal workers are out of Jobs, and we are increasing our debt-ceilings. Are we creating a chain of economical events because of one decision? These are issues we are gambling with when the government makes these abrupt decisions.

Strategic Objectives and Goals Week three objectives include developing strategic objectives and goals, and evaluation of internal and external forces and trends and how they affect the organizations ability to meet its goals and objective. Although governments operate different from business in many ways, they are still subject to influences from internal and external forces and trends. Identifying the external threats and opportunities and their internal strengths and weaknesses is a critical process for developing a strategic outline and SHOOT table.

These tools are the basis for adjusting to strategic plans based on threats, opportunities, and trends. Successful businesses are adept at research and implementation to take advantage of the information in the SHOOT table. Often this requires the strategy to change significantly because of new technology or changes in customer demands. Government must also conduct SHOOT analysis and a thorough internal and external scan to adjust plans and objectives. Although the process is difficult for business, it is infinitely more difficult for government because of the numerous programs and objectives.

External forces that must be evaluated include economic factors, global, technological, social, and environmental factors. Internal factors include developing a tragedy, resources, goal or programs, culture, and technology. Methods to Control and Monitor There are many factors to consider when determining methods to control and monitor the implementation of any type of strategic plan for the federal government. The primary source for monitoring and control is a "realistic" budget. Although this the government has proven this to be a challenge.

This is evident in reviewing Fiscal Year 2012 Financial Benefits which is only a small portion of the governmental budget plan. The target for 2012 was an estimated $45. 7 billion; the actual was $55. Billion (GAO, 2013). There are many obstacles faced by the federal government that is not seen in "normal" nonprofit organizations that must be considered such as natural disasters, military conflicts and other events that are unforeseen. Another difficulty is the way in which the budget is composed and negotiated.

Some critics of the "status quo' believe that the government should be run like a business and that the existing system is inefficient, while others believe that business and government cannot be compared in terms of profit and services to the public (Bloomfield, 2013). Regardless of where one stands in this battle, without a balanced budget a government run as a business would fail, as would a government for the people. Creating a strategic plan and implementation recommendation Bill Gates stated Mimi don't run a business like this" Bloomfield, A. 2013), coming from the second wealthiest man in the world regarding the government shutdown. By trying to understand why the government shutdown so abruptly the way that it did caused Bill Gates to step forward with many suggestions regarding the plans of the government ceiling debt as well as the shutdown. If a business is not run in such a chaotic manner than maybe the government should be ran this way neither is the main thought process behind his thinking.

By having a strategic plan that has the government operating in an efficient manner that has competitors as well as measuring how the process is performing and it will show indicators of how effectively it has worked so they can make adjustments for the future. Even though a government shutdown process is a long and strenuous action it may be the extreme that is necessary to implement a strategic plan for the government to follow that lows a certain amount of debt and competition that will be healthy to the environment and provide a more healthy society that is on a more functional scale.

Without a more strategic method the government will continue to close and continue to not function at its full capability and this will cause the same hastiness that has been previous with no solutions in sight. Conclusion In conclusion; threw out our weeks of learning we have learned the importance of creating a mission and vision statement that will assist your organization with making their short and long term goals. We have also learned that having a strong strategic Lana in place that is support my management is key to the success of an organization.

In this article the government didn't follow their vision statement and follow it threw with a proper strategic plan. This has negatively reflected multiple government workers and government funding. Bloomfield, A. (2013) Bill Gates Says Government Should Be Run More Like a Business: Why That's a Bad Idea. Polycyclic. Retrieved from http://www. Polycyclic. Com/articles/ 29749/bill-gates-says-government-should-be-run-more-like-a-business-why-that-s-a- bad-idea The Constitution of the United States," preamble.

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