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Swot of Mamee

MAMEE Double-Decker has many things going for it, among them, a good financial track record, a strong balance sheet, great brands and reasonably good dividend payouts, which definitely makes it worth noting. MOST KIDS PROBABLY KNOW the `blue monster’ and most adults have probably met them as well. Fear not as we are just talking about the ever-famous Mamee Monster snack food, which comes mainly in small packets that are consumed daily by its ardent fans.

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That probably sums up the public face of listed Mamee Double-Decker Bhd, the company which produces this classic snack food. But while the blue monster remains the ever-lovable monster, the company has outgrown it and today, Mamee is actually one of the leading snack manufacturers in the country with a strong presence in the export market as well. And it has certainly more than enough snack food brand names in its current stable, and in noodles and cultured milk production as well.

Do Mamee Monster, Mamee Instant, Mister Potato and Sllrrp! Noodles and Double Decker sound familiar? How about Cheers and Nutrigen? These are the company’s famous brands, which are likely to strike a chord with most consumers who consume them frequently. Still, the company itself – despite being listed since 1992 – is probably less familiar to investors than consumers.

So, it is rather interesting somewhat to know that Mamee is actually a fundamentally strong and healthy company with growth potential as it expands its distribution network further and invests in new potato crisp lines to broaden its range of snacks. This is true for at least local research house, OSK Research, which initiated coverage on the company recently and pegged an RM4. 00 target price for the stock. It cites that Mamee is worth a `BUY’ despite the stock having almost rallied 30% of late, citing the current strong sentiment on consumer counters.