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Recruiting System In Korea

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Each firm has all different correctly processes so It Is difficult for applicants to prepare to apply. The reason why Korean firms should have complex recruiting system is that Korea economy is under bad situation. There are many news articles which say that the number of recruiting of each firm has fallen to historic lows. Korean firms should have complicated recruiting processes to choose a few of people among thousands of applicants. In other word, Korean firms face bad time to recruit more number of competent employees.

For the reason, the gulled given by the article might be useful for them. 2. The most surprised what I learned from the article While I am reading this article, the most surprised what I learned is that there is nothing to be surprised. In general, tips from this article are too common and obvious things to be Impressed. For example, anticipating the need and specifying the Job Is so general things to prepare recruiting new employees who have a strong competence. However, the impressive facts which I learn are that there are few firms which follow this rule.

Especially, I surprised that most of executives cannot answer easily about predictions for the size and composition of their core employees (called o top-x groups) even though they want to work with very competent employees. They don't have any suitable system to grasp the anticipation and specifying what they need In HER. That's why many company failed to recruit right person. Another interesting and surprising thing was driven from the recruiting process. I thought an ability of collaboration and some experiences related to the jobs are important to recruit right person.

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However, this article shows the adaptability for learning new thing is also very important to hire a new person who might be in the top x group. Moreover, an Interview is the one of the most important processes among several ways to assess applicants. Nevertheless, this article suggests that conducting detailed reference checks be a critical point for recruiting. 3. The most serious problems of Korean firms in recruiting One of the most serious problems which Korean firms face in recruiting is that they concentrate on only the 4th step which is an assessment of applicants.

According to this article, the assessment of applicants is a Just one step among 7 steps. In other word, there are other Important steps which should be deal with. However, to hire a example, Korean firms disregard the first and second step of guide by this article. HER manager who was in the Korean big telecoms company in which I did an internship says HER department Just aggregates the number people as each department needs. Then, the HER department assigns the proper number of recruiting for each department.

At the same time, some political power in the organization might affect this assigning process. There is another example of Korean company in recruiting. A Korean firm which is famous for heavy industry places importance on the organization culture when they recruit so when they assess the candidate, the result of fit-test' is very important. When some of candidates have a great competence rather than others, they might be failed to hire.

It is not reasonable but many Korean firms do similarly. Like these cases, those companies do not consider the strategy so much when they anticipate in need and specify the Job. Another critical problem is that Korean firms do not prepare to recruit when they are under bad economic situation. They start to recruit when they really need someone. According to the article, however, it is very critical issue for those firms to prepare all the time and understand how to follow this guide in a real.

Otherwise, it is very difficult to make talent management' a reality as most of executives in Korean firms want. 4. Conclusion In recent years, Korean firms are trying to introduce various kinds of recruiting system because they know result and performance of their recruiting is not as great as they expect. HER managers and Coos should understand that other steps such as anticipating the need, specifying the Job and so on are important as well as assessment of candidates to enhance the effectiveness of recruiting of Korean companies.

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