Strategic Plan: Overview

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Using what you have identified in DQ 1 as a base, what elements are important when attempting to change an ingrained behavior in a company (e. g. improve customer service). (Hint: Insert the strategic planning process in your answer). How does identifying the best plan for this involve aspects of scientific and human management? Improving customer service is the one of the keys to success in healthcare facility. Ingrained behaviors of the healthcare professionals can hinder success. If the patients, families, community, and the list goes on are not happy with a healthcare facility it can cause some real problems for the facility.

Any facility that has problems with ongoing ingrained behaviors need to revise their strategic plan and fix the problem. The key elements to strategic planning is the mission, objectives, plan of action, resources needed, plan how to measure the performance, and evaluation plan. The mission statement needs focus on the expectations of how the employees will act when working in the organization. The objective should be produced by the staff that will be monitoring it. The objective needs be attainable and clear on the focus of behaviors.

The action plan is coming up with steps on how to reach goal of the objectives. This is good place for coming up with ideas on how to change the ingrained behaviors and throw out the old plans that are not working. The resources is a big part of the strategic plan because this where the facility comes up with resources they may need to complete the action plan. The resources for changing ingrained behavior could be education, money needed for the changes, and so forth. The evaluation system is where the strategic plan is being monitor for effectiveness.

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Ways to evaluate if the strategic plan is successful for changing ingrained behaviors is through random audits in the facility watching employees, doing a survey, talking with the stakeholders of the facility to see if they have noticed a change (Liebler & McConnell, 2008 5th ed. ). The scientific management examines improving work place performance with using easy elements and systems. This type of plan should be used when it comes to changing work place behaviors because one of its focuses is on performances in work place ("Scientific Management Progression in Hr", 2008).

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