Slade Plating HBS Case

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How would you describe the culture of the Sarto group?

  • The Sarto group seems to have a healthy and friendly atmosphere among its members, shown by their attitudes with one another e.g. week-end together, shared lunch
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  • Their ideal of efficiency goes beyond the quantitative and focuses on the qualitative, « stressing high standards » also for inventiveness.
  • Helping one another is a « prized trait », and this includes help also from a personal point of view. ? helping one another with the punching out routine
  • Even though they have this kind of routine their work ethic seems to be strong (shown by the qualitative approach to results and refusing to associate with less ethical members such as Herman) e.g. Tony arriving always half an hour early

How has it evolved? What impact has it had on the effectiveness of the group?

  • The culture seems to revolve around the figure of Tony, the « group leader ».
  • The culture seems to be costant and without much evolution. Exclusion is the only factor affecting the dynamics of the
    group e.g. exclusion of Pearson
  • The group’s culture seems to have a positive impact on the effectiveness of the group; their reputation is considered good (? shown by the second biggest group, Clark’s, wanting to be associated to it in social affairs)
  • Their focus on quality and inventiveness could also improve effectiveness from a production’s point of view ? quality is reason #1 for buyers to buy Slade’s product.

What are the determinants of the social status and influence within the plating department?

The Sarto Group

  • Ability to work with inventiveness
  • Capability to work above level ? not impressed by below level output
  • Willingness to help one another (profesionally and personally)
  • Not being an « anti » character like Herman Schell The Clark Group
  • Imitators of the Sarto group; figures like Tony impress them
  • also place emphasis on creativity and (relatively) hard work
  • Overall very similar to Sarto but less effective.

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