Should Batman Kill the Joker

Last Updated: 10 Apr 2020
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Should Batman Kill the Joker? Summary In the very beginning, this article raises the question by asking the reader whether Batman should kill the joker or not and also uses it as the title to draw readers’ attention. Based on the question/topic, the author, Mark White, further discuss different arguments by providing three different schools and perspectives from the Batman’s quandary. First of all, from “utilitarianism” aspect, Joker is probably deserved to be killed because his death may save more people lives.

Secondly/Moreover, on the issue of “deontology” and the action of “murder”, the death of Joker might be preferable or even desirable or acceptable as it seems that Joker should accept the punishment by law or official rather than “vigilante justice”. This is because Joker is created and considered as an “evil” character in the movie/story; yet, he is still a human being who should receive the basic human right and dignity as well as respect.

However/last but not the least, the character “Batman” instead of “Joker” is the main discussion from the aspect of “virtue ethics” in the final perspectives. The question is: if Batman kills the Joker, is there any guarantee that all problems can be solved out in Gotham City? Also, it is against one of Batman’s personal principles—to take/have “his enemies’ lives”.

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According to above three ethical perspectives, White, the author, not only offers the clear arguments, but also explains the reasons whether Joker should be killed or not from Batman’s point of view and from social cultural perspectives. Added to that, the author then applies Batman’s philosophy to other pop culture and phenomena in the end of article, to help readers to look different issues and topics from different viewpoints and aspects, as well as different roles/characters or personalities.

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