Sexual Harassment Policy

Last Updated: 02 Aug 2020
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It shall remain to be the policy of this organization that no employee shall be intimidated by colleagues, male or female on sexual issues. When such incidents are reported, they shall be treated as cases of sexual harassment punishable by the measures outlined in this policy. In the case of this organization sexual harassment shall be considered to be unwelcome or unwarranted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors as well as all other verbal or non verbal (physical) conduct of sexual nature directed to an employee without his or her consented wish (Conte, 2008).

This company shall therefore take the following issues as sexual harassment and shall all be punishable in equal measure without discrimination, favor or fear of contradiction; ? Any form of touching or any other body contact that may be sexually suggestive. This includes but is not limited to, o Grabbing any employee around the waist o Patting or scratching or another persons back o Pecking, tickling among other things ? Unwelcome gestures, jokes use of offensive and unsolicited comments on clothing

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? Unwanted flirting and repeated request for dates that are turned down ? Playing suggestive music ? Display of sexually suggestive posters, pictures or objects ? Transmitting emails of suggestive nature (Koss, 2008). Procedure for Reporting Sexual Harassment Unlike other complains that this company strictly demands that the clear channel of authority be followed, cases of sexual harassment can be reported to any person above the victim’s rank who the victim feels open and free to share the details of the harassment.

After the senior officer has received these details, he is expected to channel those complains to the human resource department within eight working hours for investigation to be conducted. The human resource department shall take the case to its committee and initiate the initial fact finding mission that shall provide the facts to the case. After the facts have been gathered and there is clear evidence that the accused is guilty of sexually harassing a colleague, he or she (offender) shall be summoned and his side of the story listened.

He or she shall also be expected to either approve that the misconduct he is accused to have committed are true as the case is, are true but are exaggerated, or refuse to accept the allegation. If he or she accepts the happening of the misconduct, a chance for a formal defense shall be offered where his side of the story shall be listened and contrasted with the facts given by the complainant. After cross examining the accused as well as the victim, the committee shall then take the appropriate action depending on the nature of the harassment and the facts established.

Severe cases shall be punished through termination of contract and a request to the relevant state authorities for trials in the judicial systems. This policy is expected to promote the laws that emphasize equal employment opportunities. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the agency mandated to promote equal employment opportunities to all qualified citizens. It therefore discourages any form of discriminate against Sexual Harassment Age, National Origin, Disability, Race, Pregnancy, Religion, Sex or Gender.

The commission also roots for Equal Pay among the workers irregardless of gender while at the same time gets to evaluate the response towards cases of Sexual Harassment Claim (Bohlander, 2007). Reference: Conte A. (2008), Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Law and Practice, Vol. 5, New York; Panel Publishers Koss P. , (2008) Changed Lives: The Psychological Impact of Sexual Harassment. New York; University of New York Press. Bohlander, G. W. (2007), Managing Human Resources; New York, Thomson Publishers

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