Self Discipline Diary

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Most people went and had their showers in the morning before the activity but couldn't get up early enough and so instead I ad my shower during one of the activities which I got in trouble for and so to improve on this the next morning managed to get myself up earlier and have my shower before any activities started so it didn't interfere. After we had the introduction to this unit about discipline, I realized that sometimes I do not show very good self-control when in stressful situations.

I remembered about this when was at work on Saturday when a customer got angry with me because she wanted to return a product. I remembered what my tutor had said about self-control being part of good discipline, and so anteed the situation differently. I felt really good afterwards. Am normally not good at arriving at places on time, and this week I have been getting up later and this has caused me to be late for college. Am annoyed with myself for allowing this to happen, and so I plan to go to bed a bit earlier next week, so that can show good time keeping and punctuality.

This week our course went on boot camp in the new forest during this We had to have good self-discipline, for example when we got there we had to set up camp and in pairs set up our tents independently after being shown how o do so by Phil. We also got put into groups and given a timetable of different activities that we had to take part in and so we had to be organized at time keeping and manage to get to each activity at the correct time. And finally we had to get up and out of our tents by 6:30 which was hard to do for some (Particularly Kerosene).

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During this week I forgot my ID badge on a couple occasions and have been told by the receptionists that I need to bring it in everyday. I also got told Off for swearing after getting frustrated with my tent, an area which will try my hardest to improve on. At boot camp was the first time I took part in drill, it was quite tricky and at first I couldn't get the hang of it and looked like I was going the goose step most of the time. However after working on it and practicing as a group managed to learn the basics and improve my marching and posture.

It was particularly hard to wake up early at boot camp and so I was late to the first session. Also, buses during the week are 90% of the time late, which is fairly annoying as it impacts on my attendance.

This week I have managed to remain focused in my lessons and have not allowed myself to become distracted by others. During the week a classmate tried to get my attention by throwing rolled up bits of paper at me. However, I managed to ignore it. I am happy that I have remained focused as wrote some good notes which I Can refer back to when I'm working on my assignment at a later date. M happy with the course and am finding it very interesting, which helps me ignore others who aren't showing the same interest in the sessions. I occasionally don't listen to what my tutor has said due to having earphones in at the time, an area at which I will improve on. Last year at sixth form was easily distracted by others and so wouldn't take down notes on the work we were doing this meant didn't have anything to help me on course work and revision material for exams and so I fell behind. Again the buses have been late this week, a very frustrating issue.

I will attempt to wake up earlier in order to get an earlier bus into college, so am no longer late to the first session.

This was our second lesson of drill and feel that I am getting more use to it and am learning more commands, the correct posture that I can apply during the session. I could improve my attention to Dale however I am getting distracted by others around me, rather than listening to the next instruction. I could also improve my timing and become more in time with the rest of the group. Have come a long way from the first session, and I now know a lot of moves and my timing is slowly improving.

Our drill instructor is quite a quiet character and so it is quite hard to hear him at times during drill.

Today we had a drill session and then had our first assignment with Phil, I paid my full attention to what was being said as it set the bar for future assignments and it was important that know what I was/will be doing. I could improve this week by managing my time and hobbies better alongside my college work. Perhaps cut certain aspects of my social life off in order to make sure I am applying the required amount of work.

I made a progression this week by making sure I paid my full attention to Phil for our first assignment. Hadn't quite got use to Office 365 and therefore hadn't saved any of my work online; this meant that couldn't do any independent work at home.

Enjoyed Marks session this week and found it very interesting. A couple classmates were fooling round near the back of my class and I managed to ignore it and carry on with the set work, which I am pleased with myself for. Could improve by being on time as I was late to a couple sessions in the morning due to the bus being late once again. Eve progressed this week by becoming more independent in my assignments and getting office 365 to work for me, and therefore I was able to do some work at home for a couple hours, which I'm happy about. One set back would be that during drill we were learning a new command (I think it was salutes) which just couldn't get he hang of, which was particularly frustrating for me.

This week I enjoyed Phial's session as we were making paper airplanes and we had a budget on how many and which type we could make. My team lost miserably.

However I became the leader of the team and despite my brilliant plane design (which was the most statically pleasing) other teams with their stupid dart planes managed to (in my opinion) cheat their way to victory. Work experience is quickly approaching and I have yet to do any preparations for it. I should begin to start thinking about what I'll do and organize myself some more. This week have progressed by being a bit more organized with equipment and my timings for sessions have been much better. Office 365 was playing up again and I was not able to do any work at home for a couple days this week.

This week we learned some new commands in drill which I managed to get the hang of. I paid a great deal of attention to what was being said and didn't get distracted nearly as much as usually would. Another week has gone by and I have still not done anything about work experience. Although I now have a few ideas on where to go. I have begun to come accustomed to the ark load and what is expected of us in college as it is very different to sixth form. I am finding the workload the right amount for me to take on and am not falling behind on work at all compared to last year.

I struggled to find out what room I was in (due to construction work) and therefore I was around 5 minutes late to one of my sessions with Phil.

This week we took a trip to RAFF Bribe Norton which was very interesting and paid my full attention to what was being said by the various military men and women who spoke to us. I didn't let anyone distract me and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. This week was late to a session due to bad time keeping and ignorance. I felt bad and I shall not do it again. I learnt a lot at RAFF Bribe Norton and now have a few more areas I would like to kick into within the military as a possible career path. Didn't quite understand part of an assignment this week and didn't say anything at the time so I now have to wait until next week in order to ask about my queries

This week we had Miles the PASO come in and talk to us about the chain of command and stop and search rules/techniques. I paid my full attention and made sure that I asked plenty of questions. I also volunteered for a demonstration I had to act out in front of the entire class. During the talk by miles I didn't take any notes, which Phil had a word to me about as it meant I then didn't have any notes to look back on for help during assignment work.

I have progressed this week by becoming a more outspoken person and asking many questions, which has benefited the class and l. Was ill on Friday this week and so I missed an entire day of work, on which I will now have to catch up on.

This week I decided to knuckle down at home and get some assignment work out of the way. I was very pleased with my independent work and it made me feel in front of my work load, rather than behind it. I decided not to go to enrichment this Wednesday and decided to do some assignment work which against college rules and is very irresponsible of me.

It shouldn't happen again. Have made some great progress on assignments and am now in front of my work load which feels great and allows for some time to do some social things this week which I am looking forward to. I was late into college one day this week due to bus issues and so was a little late to one of my first sessions.

Our second to last drill session was today and we have all begun to take the session a lot more seriously. I am no longer letting people distract me as much and am trying my hardest (despite the buses) to turn up to drill on time.

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