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Diary of A Baby by Daniel Stern

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Diary of a Baby by Daniel N. Stern focuses on 3 key points in Child Development. What your child sees, what they feels and what are the experiences during infantry. The author tries to relate from a baby’s point of view from one chapter to another. Reading this book is really an enjoyable experience where you ought to learn and tries to bring you back to the time where you are still young. The main character Joey gives us a clearer picture of what we were during this period. It clearly narrates how a young’s consciousness was penetrated by the environment and the people that they deal with everyday.

Newborns can see clearly approximately 10 to 12 inches away, about the distance between a nursing infant and his mother’s face. Fortunately, infants tend to be more interested in the human face than everything else. This is where parents tends to take advantage of it and must spend time gazing into the baby’s eyes. As per the term what they see is more important because from total darkness in their mother’s womb, they were enlightened to the world and what they see gives them a clearer view and understanding of what the real world is all about.

What a baby feels is like a human weatherscape where there is a unique moment of feelings in motion. Unlike photographs which are static, it has duration and changes depending on a child’s point of view. Dependability is one great word to describe what a child feels where it can last from a split second to many seconds. In the book, Joey’s feeling and perceptions change together. Each moment has its sequence and continuously adds up to the characters experiences in life. Interaction from the people around him is what drives his sights, feelings and experiences.

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What links the book to child development is that it gives guidance for parents in raising a child base on the scenario of everyday interaction. From coping up with the environment and dealing with the surroundings to the expectations in guidance and caring process to each Joey in a parent’s life. The optimal development of children is vital in our society. Therefore the social, cognitive, emotional and educational development of children is important to understand. Joey’s milestone mirrors child development in the book Diary of a Baby.

Because it specifies physical and mental abilities like walking, seeing and understanding language according to a child’s age. Milestones can be described as what a child accomplishes throughout the different stages in their life. Increased knowledge of age specific areas in child development allows parents and other caring adults to keep track of appropriate child development which includes patience, problem solving, social skills and creativity in child rearing. What could possibly conflict the book and Child development is that not all that can be read may be applied.

It varies depending on the knowledge and understanding of the reader and at the same time the stereotypical notion for them in racing their own child based on how they were raised by their parents. One strength of the book is that the reader sees a clearer view on a baby’s phase. It makes the reader feel as if they were young just like Joey once again. From the first six weeks where feelings are really great factors in child care. Why a warm hug and a sweet lullaby expresses deep love and care in every baby.

World of feelings in this stage is extremely induced to the readers knowledge for them to be able to comply and have a better understanding how feelings is important during this stage. When a baby is hungry and wants to be fed up immediately it is like shots in a movie one maybe continuous with the next, or fade into it, or cut abruptly against it. Or be separated by a blank pause. It is not clear to babies how they move from one moment to the next or what. If anything happens between those experiences, the one who takes care of them are the mere responsible ones in the scenario.

Because for Joey all his senses are focused on each one activity that he sees, feels and is experiencing at that very moment. And he lives and deals with each one intensely. Many are the prototypes of the moment that will or may recur over and over throughout his life. What could weaken the scenario is the conflicting ideas between the reader and the author’s concept for not all people may understand that all that is written in the book is the same in a parent-child scenario. One good example is unexpected pregnancy which may greatly affect the reader’s point of view on child development.

It could provide both positive and negative impact once it was read. Positive in a way that a mother may become more excited into being a mother to her child or it could possibly frighten her in dealing with her baby because she is not really prepared to have one. Surprising Discoveries that was learned in the book is that I was fascinated how the author enthusiastically explained in details what a baby sees, feels and experiences during his childhood days where the only person they depend upon and look up to is their parents.

This book can be utilized in the truest sense of the word parenting and child development process. It is a great instrument for mothers, expecting mothers and parents who desperately wants to know what the infant’s experience is really like Stern draws on his readers different findings and cutes on experiences of a baby in order to re-create the baby’s world and make it more fun, exciting and enjoyable

Diary of A Baby by Daniel Stern essay

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