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"What similarities and differences do you find in the ways the problems of characters in love are presented In Romeo and Juliet and a section of poems you have studied? " One problem we see with Romeo and Gullet's love Is that It Is quite shallow. This Is evident when Romeo saw Juliet. He says: "O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! " (Line 43) This suggests that Romeo seems to highlighting how much Juliet stands out. If she Is able to "teach the torches" it suggests that Juliet has the skills of what she is teaching. Also, Juliet is the light that frees him from the darkness of his perpetual melancholia.

This quote is a simile where Romeo implies that there would be no light or no seeing if Juliet wasn't so beautiful and that she radiates grace and beauty. In this case, we can assume that because torches are associated brightness, Juliet brings a sense of brightness to the room. This sentence is the first thing Romeo says about her and we know he is awe because he starts the sentence with "O" and ends with an explanation marks. But it is important to point out that at this point he hasn't even spoke to her, so this evaluation of Juliet Is all based on her looks, and he doesn't even know Gullet's name.

We see more evidence of his shallowness when he describes Juliet "As a rich In Ethiopia ear - Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear". (Line 45) This suggests saying that a very dark person wearing a Jewel beauty which Is Intensified against a darker color and would make the jewel stand out from far away and it's also him saying she's a rare beauty. In this case, Romeo seems to describe Juliet as "rich jewel". Romeo says the word "an Ethiopia" which refers to a person from Ethiopia or other dark skinned people around the world. Romeo was using this contrast to express his awe of Gullet's beauty.

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To him, she shone as bright as a brilliant Jewel on a black background. If Juliet is described as "rich Jewel" it suggests Romeo seems to consciousness focuses In on who is a star, a diamond, or a dove Just like "rich Jewel". The quote, I choose also emphasis Romeo into saying that Juliet is like Jewel whose beauty Is too rich to use, and also is almost unearthly. All this evidence shows that Romeo and Gullet's Is quite shallow as Romeo doesn't even know her and has fallen love at the first sight with Juliet because of her beauty. While, Romeo has problems because of his tendency to fall in love so easily, in Act 2

Scene 2 the problems Juliet has seen to be of a more practical nature. This is evidence when Romeo was swearing his love to her, and she tells him: "O, swear not by the moon, discontent moon, that monthly changes in her circled orb, lest that thy love prove likewise variation. " This quote seems to say that If you swear by the moon, you could change your mind and might ruin Gullet's love and her life Just like the moon Is Inconstant and keeping changing Its shape, Like sometimes It's full, sometimes it's half there. And sometimes it's completely gone. Because of changing hanged in this way.

In this quote Juliet is also trying to and wants that love that is where she can find it, the moon is never where it was the night before, therefore she is saying, love me not by the moon, but love me with your heart, love me by something that will never change or more further and then closer, love me with all that you are, also swear not by something that is never the same. As a girl, especially one of the wealthy families, Juliet doesn't have same freedom as Romeo has as a boy. Juliet need to be pure virgin before even thinking about getting married and cannot aka the risks to fall in love with someone who might change their mind.

This conversation was taken in places, when it was at night and at this point the moon was out also it's probably by moonlight. This gives more important to what Juliet was saying - not only it is the moon changeable, but it's also what light their conversation at that moment. This is why Juliet was asking questions whether or not Romeo will be in love with her once morning comes. There is more then on to show that Romeo has problems because of his tendency to fall in love so easily, in the Act 2 Scene 2, the robbers Juliet has seen to be more practical nature. This is evidence when Juliet talks about by herself, she says: Romeo? Name. My love. Caplet. " "O, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Deny thy father and refuse thy Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn And I'll no longer be a In saying this, Juliet seems to call into the night for Romeo to "refuse thy name" and in return she will "no longer be a Caplet. " Within that lies one of the great conflicts of the play - the family names will go against their love. Juliet says to herself why is Romeo the one she loves is his name, why can't it be another name. If he can't do that, then she would change her name. This is happening because of their families and their names, and also they are enemies.

She wishes that Romeos name were different so that they would not be enemies. This suggest strongly that Juliet loves Romeo but can't because if her father sees her with someone or with their enemies son then her father would make her starve to death and will be begging for money, food on the street. However, she doesn't tell Romeo that she loves him first but Romeo heard Juliet on her balcony talking to herself. Throughout the conversation Juliet makes Romeo to say to her that e loves her but in a way that she will understand. This shows Juliet seen to be practical nature and Romeo with his problems because of his tendency.

In Act 3 Scene 5 we see that the problems of lying to their parents because particularly complex for Juliet. Gullet's father was angry at Juliet because she refused to marry Paris and her father was forcing her to get marry to Paris on the next early Thursday, was saying to think about it otherwise her father would: "Hang thee, young baggage! Disobedient wretch! I tell thee what: get thee to church o' Thursday, Or never after look me in the face. Speak not. Reply not. Do not answer me. My fingers itch. " This suggests that Gullet's father is angry at Juliet because she refused to marry Paris who is Gullet's father's friend's son.

This means that if Juliet doesn't get married to Paris then her father told her to not to talk to him and never like men would have in those days. Women in those days have to be virgin. After her father comes in and begins to shout at Juliet, she responds fearlessly, which made her father angry: mining baggage, disobedient wretch! " which expresses Caplet's fury at Gullet's unexpected disobedience. This suggest how Juliet has matured enough to stand up to her parents and not act like respectful child they expected Juliet to be.

Lord Caplet approaches Juliet in rage: "Speak not. Reply not. Do not answer me. " This shows Caplet immediate rage at this daughter disrespectfully behavior and also shows maturity within after having stood up to her parents. After her father's rage, Juliet turns to her mother. We then see how Juliet is portrayed as a more dependent character; 'Oh sweet mother, cast me not away. ' Here Juliet refers to Lady Caplet as mother having previously referring to her as madam, showing how her allegations with her mother has worsened.

Overall Juliet is presented as a matured and disobedient daughter however needs the comfort of a motherly figure. By calling her mother would suggests how Juliet is trying to make the situation better. In this case, Juliet is presented as a more vulnerable, innocent who seeks for her mother's comfort. On the other hand, it could be understood that Juliet is being cunning and deceitful, by calling her mother and making Lady Caplet feel bad and going to comfort Juliet, even though Juliet previously shouted at her and disobeyed her mother by spending the night with Romeo.

In Having, Duffy presents the speaker as being unable to cope with the effects of love. We can see this as she doesn't think "it's only the heart that b-b-b-breaks. " This suggest that Having is very heart broken after what happen to her, because in her wedding day her lover wasn't presented in the wedding or the next day which shows that she was dumped so gives on life by getting young boys in the house where she is and has adopted a girl so that she can be rude to the young boys because the boys was attracted by the girl and so that the young boys is heartbroken Just like Having was.

Duffy uses onomatopoeia disturbingly to mock the sound of a heartbeat or the heart slowly b-b-b-breaking in to pieces. This poem trying to show that Hafnium's mind and spirit have been broken as well as her heart emotionally and mentally. The difference between Romeo and Juliet and also Having is very rare. This is because Having was Jilted bride who left the wedding banquet on her table and also kept on her wedding dress and veil. On the other hand, Romeo does not get to marry Juliet because one thought the other was dead when there weren't and then committed suicide.

However, it relates somewhere because it is battle for eve. Romeo and Juliet had battle for their love because of their parents. And Hafnium's fiance© left her, and also had battle of love. Even though their love is great and can't withstand many harsh attributes in the end it leads to death. Romeo and Juliet loved, went through obstacles and in the end met death. In Romeo and Juliet and in Having there is lots of oxymoron. In sonnet 18, the narrator seems to be in love with the person, he is writing about.

However, his attitude to love seems Shakespeare is trying to say sometimes the sun is far too hot, and often it is too cool, mimed by clouds and shade, which doesn't describe the person he is trying to describe because the word "hot" means the weather which changes every day and sometimes in the news it says on that it is going to be sunny, but, however, on that day it was rainy because of the weather. So, this suggests that this doesn't quite describe that person.

However, it emphasizes the young beauty of the person. If Shakespeare is able to say that the person is "heaven shines," he is trying to say that the person is very natural at being beautiful as he says "heaven," and also explains hat the person he is fallen in love is very nice, peaceful and calm. This quote also means that the person is more beautiful than summer's day because they are too hot. In "Valentine" Carol Ann Duffy presents problems associated with love in a more realistic way.

She shows how complex love can be when she says: "It is a moon wrapped in brown paper. " She is trying to say that love is romantic as she says "brown paper. " Paper is made from trees which is natural and pure. So, in this case, Duffy is trying to say love is realistic but somehow complex because to make a brown paper takes more than an hour to make. The phrase "moon" suggested love is calm but not always because the moon has different phases which could represent the changes in a person's personality.

This means that you can fall in love in different ways because as the moon changes phases so can human beings. This suggest that it takes a long time to know a person and in different ways because in the quote the moon is wrapped in brown paper so, if the moon becomes unwrapped, it will give light. This suggests that in the first stages of love, there will be kindness and carefulness with each other's feeling. In conclude,.....

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