Roles and Functions

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Managers, whether they manage a fast food restaurant or a major health facility, need to perform their job efficiently to ensure the success of their organization (Expert Manage, 2008). The management process is comprised of four main functions and when utilized properly can make an organization run smoothly. The four main functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The first step in this process is planning what the nest course of action will be to achieve a pre-determined set of goals.

A good manager determines the objective and what action needs to be taken to achieve those goals (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, Jr. , & Kramer, 2007). Organization is a crucial next step in the process. Managers, especially health care managers, need to be organized. Being organized can increase efficiency and productivity tremendously. This element in the process aids a manger when assigning specific duties to more than one individual, allocating resources’, and tracking the progression of the project. Leadership and control are the two final elements in the management process.

Effective managers lead their team members by taking control of the project and determining the path that must be followed to ensure the success of the project. Managers must possess strong leadership skills. A strong leader leads by example, motivates and encourages team members to put forth their best effort. This can be achieved through open communication and mutual respect for one another. Health care managers can spend a significant amount of time communicating, decision making, problem solving, employee development, and collaborating with other departments/organizations (PubMed, 1999).

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All functions are important and work more efficiently when performed together; however effective leadership is crucial in the success of a health care organization. Strong leaders motivate their team members to perform at their highest level. The right motivation increases productivity, morale, and employee longevity rates. All these factors can ultimately increase patient satisfaction as well. One good manager can have a positive impact throughout an entire organization.

Although I have not completed this class, my hope is to gain a better understanding of the management process and how to use the knowledge to become an asset to my organization. Whether I become a manager or a strong team member, I want to be able to lead or assist to the best of my ability. You are only as strong as the knowledge you posses, but it is also important to use that knowledge for the betterment of all. The success of any organization depends on the strength of that organization as a whole, and it takes more than one person to make that happen. My goal is to become one part of a successful organization no matter the title.

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