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The Functions and Purpose of Art

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Purposes and Functions of Art Art has many purposes and functions to some art’s purpose maybe to make a grand statement. And for other’s art is a part of history. For example, “Like foot prints left in the sand. ” Each foot print has small details that decipher it from all the other foot prints that are left there. Faith Ringgold born October 8, 1930, is an African American artist. Best known for her painted story quilts an art form that combines story telling and quilt making with genre painting. Her art work is her voice, her opinion on racism and gender inequality.

The piece of art work titled “TAR BEACH “which was created in 1988. That later became a world renowned children’s book. This book won the Caldecott Honor award and the Coretta Scott King award for illustration among numerous other honors. Tar Beach tells the story of Cassie and her little brother Bebe, and how they would go up to the asphalt roof of their apartment building with their family on hot nights. Because there was no air conditioning in their home, Cassie described Tar beach as a magical place with a view of all the buildings and the George Washington Bridge.

The quilt depicts the two children on a roof top on a mattress, and their parent’s playing cards with the neighbor’s next to a table set with snacks and drinks. The combination of fantasy and hard reality in this work of art, with imagination as the key to overcoming obstacles. Tar beach is about attainment, love of family, art, helping others, courage, values, and dreams coming true. The purpose of this quilt story is to reveal the message embedded to show we as a people, Greeks, Jews, Whites, Asians, Blacks, we are all chosen if we chose.

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