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Road to Dreams

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Life has always been about making choices. We are brought to a realization that the choices we make in life would either make or break us. The past year has been an adventure for me.

I was able to experience new and exciting things that were beneficial in my growth and maturity as an individual. For the past few years, I became interested in rendering service to my community. Children became my weakness, and I paid close attention to children who did not have much in life.

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As a weakness, I deal with children who have special needs. I make sure that I give these children a memorable time, especially for those who are terminally ill. This is the same service that I offer the elderly, so that I may give them a comfortable life. These are some of the experiences that inspire me to become better with my craft and make a difference. The different experiences and the difference I could make with my passion for children would definitely help improve the quality of service that would be given to Christ Hospital College Community.

I started working and interacting with children a few years ago. Equipped with an open mind and eagerness to succeed, I embarked on my quest to fulfill these challenges. For each case that I encountered, I made sure that I was prepared to become the best individual that I can be. My exposure to the children made me realize that there was more to life than just heartaches.

Our close encounter with each other made us appreciate the little things that life had to offer. In their own little way, these children showed me the importance of life, and how important it is to have a strong will in life. Such characteristics were necessary in order to become successful in life.

Our Wednesdays were spent in the sensory room, where we would take the time and effort to sit on an exercise ball. This may sound easy for many, but for these kids who are feeling weak physically, this is much effort. A goal was set for each week, and together, we would try and reach those goals. We were fortunate enough to have them accomplished, making us a step closer to our goals. I noticed that these kids were willing to give their best in order to improve themselves and feel better.

I was once given the opportunity to go on a trip to Give Kids the World Village in Disney World. The foundation granted the wishes of children who had life threatening diseases.

I have achieved a strong work ethic while spending time with these children they helped me reach a personal experience that I will always keep with me. I was scared at first, for I could not imagine risking the children experience relapses. For every ride that we went to, I saw the genuine happiness from these kids that I have never seen before. I became more opened to the realities that life had to offer. Being involved in the medical field became more than just a dream – it was a passion that I wanted to continue as I grew older.

Working with adults never became a hindrance from my end. In fact, I became more determined than ever to indulge into the said field, where I believe I can accomplish my hopes and dreams. In addition to this, I had numerous experiences that would come as an advantage to my career. These could be employed as my backbone, especially when dealing with different kinds of people.

My goals in life do not end after college. I would continue to promote good health and care for people around me, as I age and mature. In addition to this, I would keep myself updated with medical advancements, so that I may be able to apply these in my profession.

Furthermore, I believe that I have what it takes to become successful in this field. Aside from my dedication and commitment to this field, I also have the heart those who are in need. I believe that this is my greatest strength in becoming an effective member of the health care team.  Life is indeed filled with different choices, and this was one I took to reach the road towards  my dreams


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