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Review of Related Literature and Related Studies about Mobile Phone

Foreign According to [ (Miller, 2013) ], a mobile phone is a wireless electronic device used for telephone and multimedia communications. Which means people can bring it and can communicate anywhere at anytime. [ (Singh, 2011) ] said that communication is the process to express his thoughts, ideas, and messages, from one person to other person for the sake of personal interest or business interest.

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Communication is more effective if you receive the response from other person. You can express his thoughts to another person by verbal communication, non-verbal communication or by mass communication. (McGuigan, 2013) ]

Stated that Text messaging is a term for short communications made through cell phones. It uses what is called the Short Message Service, and so is often called SMS for short. It is also sometimes referred to as txting, using the shorthand common in such messages as a way of dealing with short character limits and often bulky interfaces. [ (Ziggs, 2011) ] proposed that ages 13 to 17 ends the highest number of text messaging, sending and receiving an average of 1,742 text messages per month. (Jenna Langer, 2009) ] said that men prefer to use communication to gain social status and use their social networks in a task-oriented manner (2).

Face-to-face communication differences between genders and has been shown to cross over into e-mail and computer-mediated communication makes women communicate more thoroughly because of the lack of nonverbal cues. [ (Amanda Lenhart, 2010) ]One major influence has to do with the economics of the cell phone – who pays for the costs associated with the cell phone and its use and what are the limitations on the service plan for the phone?

Does the user have unlimited minutes to talk or the ability to share minutes? Does he or she have an unlimited or pay-as-you-go text messaging plan? And regardless of who pays, what type of plan does the teen have? A shared family plan, an individual plan with a contract, or a contract-less pre-paid phone? Each of these variations can influence how teens and adults use their mobile phones. [ (Amanda Lenhart, 2010) ] About one in five teen cell phone users (18%) are part of a prepaid or pay-as-you-go plan, and just one in ten (10%) have their own individual contract.

The type of cell phone plan a teen has is significantly related to household income. Teens from lower income households are more likely to use prepaid plans or to have their own contract, while teen cell phone users in households with incomes of $50,000 or greater are most likely to be part of a family plan. Local [ (Celdran, 2002) ] declared that The characteristics of connectivity, speed, cost effectiveness, mobility and confidentiality of text messaging and its adaptability to Filipino culture has made SMS the most popular form of private communication technology in the country.


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