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Cell Phone Abuse

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Cell Phone Abuse At the present day, with the development of IT and information industry, cell phone gradually plays an indispensable role in our daily life. Nonetheless, for the benefit of our concentration, health and social interaction around us, more attention should be paid to negative impact on the overuse of cell phone. According to a study of two hundred students at Sanford University revealed that 34 percent rated themselves as addicted to their phones, while 32 percent worried they someday would be addicted.

As a matter of fact, a vast majority of people suffer from the same problems. It is not uncommon that when they get ready for the day, their cell phones go with them everywhere. Despite the convenience and efficiency cell phones bring them, they fail to take into account the fact that too much addition to phones contributes directly to be unable to concentrate well on daily affairs. For instance, on account of depending on constant contact and instant information, when even having classes, a great many students cannot help checking the message or email on phones surreptitiously.

Furthermore, when working, driving, just hanging out with friends or doing whatever, to be honest, we are bound to be extremely attached to our phones with enjoying the pleasurable feelings from the act of texting or receiving messages. When it comes to my relationship with cell phone, exaggeratingly speaking, it seems that if I am not called, texted, or commented on my blog, my soul will be lost; hence, it prevents me from focusing on doing my assignments or having a sound sleep. Apparently, excessively obsessed with cell phone distract us from noticing what important happen around us and getting things well done.

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Admit it, no one can deny the basic fact that cell phone not only provides us with a huge amount of information and various of applications, but also enables us to contact our friends and family immediately and conveniently. However, we tend to live under the illusion that cell phone can get us more associated with the people and the community nearby, without awareness of the hidden fact that it has crept into every aspect of daily life, ironically weakening the basic human communication.

For one thing, with the increase of cell phone use, face-to-face conversations in relationships are unwittingly unpopular with most of us; instead, we prefer to convey our affections by text messaging and cell phone conversations. It is showed by a Verizon Wireless survey that for the Augusta area there are close to 50 percent of its customers send and receive more than 100 text messages a week. ” Moreover, Rick Pukis, an associate professor of communication at Augusta State University, says that texting may affect the way we interact with each other.

Actually, as we all know, sometimes when we send the smile expressions in the messages, it is not exactly what we do on our faces. Worse still, in order to save time or just feel cool, we usually brief the words such as replacing “are” with “r”, which may makes us run the risk of losing the ability to communicate completely and intelligently. On the other hand, spending too much time on calling up or texting the friends we already knew decreases the chance of developing friendships with strangers, cutting off new conversations and potential friends in the public.

As a consequence, without doubt, cell phone builds a wall between the community and us, exerting a detrimental influence on our social interaction. But at the same time, cell phone benefits us a lot, too. On the one hand, mobiles make it convenient for people to keep in touch with each other at anytime anywhere. With phones in hand, even though being abroad, we still can immediately share our daily life with friends by uploading images on face book. In this way, friends will feel closer to us and be able to express their affections to us as they like.

In the abundant sunshine of friends and our family through the phones, our life will be more colorful and powerful. Additionally, under the pressure of working or studying, one of the ideal ways to relax and refresh ourselves is to do some recreation. For example, we can release the stress and adjust the mood by playing some funny games and listening to music, which help us have a better state to continue our next tasks. Therefore, to some degree, smart phones increasingly play a significant role in our life.

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